Vinyl Wraps: They Are Not Just for Vehicles Anymore

traveling billboards
Businesses all over the globe can benefit from vinyl wraps. While the most popular vinyl wraps are for vehicles, you can custom order wraps for many other objects. Every kind of business requires some type of advertising. It is important to make sure all of your products and services are advertised in every manner possible. Cars are still the best source for vinyl wrap advertising since they are seen more often when on the move. This type of investment will eventually pay for itself. Other types of vinyl wrap advertising include wrapping buildings, park benches, elevators, sink counters, and any other place a vinyl wrap can be attached.

Traveling Billboards are Modern Advertising Techniques

Modern outdoor advertising is dominated by vinyl vehicle wraps. With digital printing becoming the medium of choice, design projects are limitless. “Wrap advertising” is the next catchy term that describes wrapping vehicles of all types, including buses, to become roaming billboards that accurately increase product exposure. Vinyl sheets that are applied to vehicles can easily be removed and are less expensive than repainting a car for advertising purposes.

Some of the Top Reasons Businesses Use Vinyl Wrap Include:

  • Removable vinyl wraps make it simple to switch ads periodically without worrying about repainting.
  • Vinyl wraps are more cost-effective than television commercials and billboards, while they reach a broader viewing area.
  • Some media is overlooked, but placing vinyl wraps in high traffic areas, whether on park benches, windows, or buildings, gives you more exposure. Driving a vinyl wrapped vehicle in busy areas with packed events also draws attention.
  • Vinyl protects the surface in which it is applied. This keeps paint from being scratched and suffering due to bad weather conditions.
  • Vinyl wraps do not have monthly payment fees like most advertising. Simply pay for the wrap once and apply it yourself or pay for it to be professionally applied.

Versatile Vinyl Wraps

ELEVATORS – Just about any smooth surface can have a vinyl wrap applied to it. This includes elevator doors and inside the elevator on the walls. Graphics of this nature can be very creative since the doors both open at once; the creative aspects are endless. Such graphics are great for the inside and outside of elevator doors too with a recall rate of 96 percent. Communicate brand messages, sponsorships, and new releases with this engaging advertisement strategy.

WINDOWS – Windows are the eyes to the soul and the next vinyl placement for marketing strategies. Since they are easily removed, vinyl wraps for windows are perfect for displaying event notices, retail store fronts, and even drive-thru ads. Windows attracts people to look into them, and when a vinyl wrap is covering a window, consumers are automatically drawn to look at it.

Refrigerators – One of the newest items that have been considered for vinyl wraps are refrigerators. No matter where a refrigerator is placed, it typically becomes a place where people gather to talk. This is why advertising on a fridge is becoming more prominent in corporations and restaurants that have open kitchens. Nearly everyone goes to the refrigerator at least once a day, which gives a vinyl wrap repeat exposure. Promote a wellness campaign on a fridge; there is no better place for it.

Table Tops – Fast food restaurants generally have table tops that are wrapped with vinyl. Even malls with food courts are the perfect place for table top graphics that promote products and services from local businesses. People sit at a table and eat or just relax, essentially becoming a captive audience. Most of the time, they remain seated for at least 25 to 45 minutes. There is no better way to advertise and get more exposure than when someone is intent on relaxing and taking a break at a table.

Wall Space – Wall murals are a powerful advertising tool. If you have any wall space, then a mural is perfect for promoting products and services. Walls that are inside a building are some of the biggest spaces to use for advertisement purposes. You can essentially build your brand in your own environment to show customers the identity of your brand and the customer services that comes with it.

Stay Well Within Your Budget

Even those on a tight budget can afford vinyl wraps for advertising purposes. You can have full or partial wraps. This type of advertising is highly effective and gets the word out concerning your products, while giving more exposure to your brand. Branding is essential to create recognition in any business. The more people you can reach, the better advertising works for you. Visual impressions are proven to catch attention and hold it longer than text. Without realizing it, people are drawn to vivid graphics that are professionally mastered.