Make Your Windows Decals Stand Out


Window shopping: it’s not just a phrase.

Any business with access to foot traffic knows that window shoppers will walk by their business every single day, sometimes stopping to peek inside and see if they can’t be tempted by your wares. Yet too many business owners are content to let window shoppers walk by without any kind of advertising whatsoever—and subsequently, they let the sales stay on the sidewalk.

Window decals are a great solution for any business with access to foot traffic, but only if your window advertising accomplishes more than showing your prices. You have to stand out from the rest of the neighborhood and give would-be customers a reason to walk through the door and make the valuable conversion from “window shoppers” to “real shoppers.” Here’s how:

Differentiating Your Business with Graphics

Most businesses cut corners on their window advertisements and post just the bare bones: their business name, their price, and maybe a logo on the side.

Do store owners really think that the same old advertising will differentiate their business and help them stand out from a crowd of other stores utilizing the exact same strategy?

The key here is differentiation: something about your window graphics should be eye-catching and “pop” so that you catch the attention even of the most casual passers-by. Take a look at some of our window work and ask yourself if these logos would catch more attention than the usual cookie-cutter window message.

Signs Should Explain What You Do

When someone looks at your window signage, they should immediately get a clear impression of what they can expect to see inside your store.

If you run a bakery, you should either include the word “bakery” in your signage—or include graphics that show items like bread, cupcakes, and pastries. If you run a coffee shop, then a logo that includes a mug or coffee beans will do the trick. And don’t neglect other information including store hours; you’d be surprised at how often this really helps customers who walk by your store after you’re closed.

You’d be surprised at how many businesses skip this step; some even leave their windows completely bare and trust an overhead banner to do all of the selling. Meanwhile, they’re missing out on valuable foot traffic because some people walk by without taking a second look; they might even assume your business is closed!

Getting Started with Window Decals

Good window art is about two things: clarity and creativity. If you have too much of one without the other, the appeal of your business gets lost in the shuffle. Too much creativity without clarity can lead to confusion, while too much clarity without creativity can lead to boredom. You want to inspire people to come in your store by showing them what kind of experience they’ll have once they come inside.

To get started, try walking by your window yourself. What do you see? If you hadn’t been to your business before, would you feel enticed enough to walk in—or do you blend in so much with the background that you barely even notice your signage? If it’s the latter, request a quote with Sign It Quick to get your window signage back on track.