Why Businesses Shouldn’t Wait to Put Up A Sign

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We know how it is. You know your business could use a sign, but before you even make a decision to call Sign It Quick or request a quote, you start imagining how difficult and expensive it’s going to be. Fortunately, acquiring your own sign doesn’t have to be that complicated—or that expensive. But you do have to take action to get started, or else you can expect your company’s marketing efforts to lag.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at some of the top reasons that no business should wait to get its signage started.

Reason #1: Time is running out 

Whether you’re a franchise that has a limited time offer from corporate or you simply won’t be able to continue to offer the same low prices on a deal you’re running, you need your customers to know about your special offer right now. Not tomorrow. Unique deals are one of the top reasons that businesses seek out signage—they want to make an announcement that attracts the attention that their special offerings deserve. Don’t let time run out on your offer: give your customers a fair chance.

Reason #2: If you don’t, your competition will

Did you know that some 76% of all customers have said that they’ve entered a business they haven’t visited before simply based on its signs? That’s the kind of marketing you don’t want to miss out on—especially if your competitor down the street already has their signage up. If you want new customers, you have to establish a signage presence that doesn’t only attract their attention, but lets you know that you have something to offer in the first place. If you don’t, your competition will gladly take all of those new customers away.

Reason #3: The longer a sign is up, the sooner it pays for itself

If you’re thinking about signage strictly in terms of dollars and cents, then you know that you should hope that a sign will pay for itself in terms of new business. But the longer you wait, the less time your sign will have to do exactly that—even though it will cost exactly the same. The sooner you start your signage campaign, however, the more use you’ll get out of your sign, allowing you to enjoy all of the new business that signage brings in as soon as possible.

Reason #4: You’ll kick yourself after

When you have a bunch of new customers who explore your business because of signage, you’ll kick yourself for not “signing up” sooner. If you already know that what your business needs is a superior sign from a place like Sign It Quick, there’s no reason to wait: get your business in gear as quickly as possible by requesting a quote and letting us know what kind of signage you need. With your sign attracting new customers, you might just find yourself wondering why it ever took so long for you to get around to purchasing a proper sign for your business.