Why Sandblasted Signs Establish Instant Credibility

There are a lot of things that companies want their sign to convey. They want their signs to convey urgency, sending the message that you should “stop in now.” They want their signs to convey enthusiasm, making people feel excited about a service or a product.

But what about credibility?

Many small businesses find that credibility is their true bread and butter, the reason for word-of-mouth marketing that actually works. And credibility starts with the eyes. That’s why we often recommend Sandblasted signs for our customers who want to establish instant credibility.

How is it done? Here are a few ways you can establish credibility with a Sandblasted sign:

  • Three dimensions are better than two. The most obvious difference between Sandblasted and regular signs is their three-dimensional appearance. Instantly, your sign will look more “expensive”—in a good way. It looks like your small business is prosperous enough to have a well-crafted sign that catches the eye in a flattering way, rather than a jarring way. Adding even the softest, most bare logos to a third dimension is a sure way to make your sign ‘pop.’
  • Rising a step above the “industrial” look. Let’s face it: many custom sign businesses these days can offer inexpensive work. But there’s a problem. Cheap, shoddy signage can look industrial. A sandblasted sign, however, comes with a sort of innate “custom-made” look, which instantly elevates your branding in your customers’ eyes. Rather than simply plopping down a simple sign that anyone can find at the store, your sandblasted sign helps reflect that what you do for business is a little “above” the ordinary. It’s a subtle message, to be sure, but Sandblasted signs provide that message consistently.
  • Catching the eye in a different way. There are plenty of ways to catch the eye. A bright orange cone on the road will catch the eye for a very low price. But catching the eye in a way that makes people think better of the business behind the sign is a very rare feat. Fortunately, it’s one that Sandblasted signs accomplish with great aplomb, thanks to their “custom-made” feel.
  • Providing a sense of community. Let’s say you work in dentistry. As a dentist, you’ll likely want to feel like you’re part of the community. A sign that sticks out like a sore thumb might attract attention…but it doesn’t offer that same sense of community that a Sandblasted sign provides. By using soft tones and the rugged Sandblasted look, each Sandblasted sign looks like it belongs where it is, rather than simply another sign stamped into the ground.

Sandblasted signs are a shortcut to credibility: a way of demonstrating your brand’s quality to anyone who’s driving by. And while Sandblasted signs won’t do all of the work for you, they can be a major part of your rebranding effort, particularly for businesses that need an instant jolt of credibility and a sense of community. You wouldn’t think you could accomplish all of that with a sign…until you try a Sandblasted sign for yourself.