Use Digital Printing for Your Next Sign

digitally printed signs

Have you ever come across a sign that was so vivid and crisp that you wondered how it was created?

Of course not.

That’s because we live in the digital age; when we see a sharp rendering for a business sign, we know that computers had to have helped in some way. And that’s great for businesses that need intricate detailing for their digital printed signs without the hassle of paying for an artist to slave over every detail and drive the costs of your signage into the stratosphere.

Just one question remains: how do you know when your sign might call for digital printing? As we have some experience in this arena, we thought we’d point out some of the most common sign issues that require digital printing:

Colorful and Vibrant Signs

We encourage anyone who wants a colorful and bright sign to use the full ROY G. BIV color spectrum to their advantage—but if you do want to use more than four colors, it’s a good idea to switch to digital printing. Digital printing not only allows for more precise colors to make sure that all of your colors work well with each other, but they’ll allow for plenty of vivid detailing and contrast. What’s more, using more than four colors the old-fashioned way tends to drive up costs…and any good signage company will give you top quality while keeping a keen eye on your budget as well.

Artistic Designs and Techniques

Adding shadows to graphics is a technique as old as, well, the shadow itself. But when you want to add shadowing to a font to really highlight the words on your sign, the most consistent way to do it is through digital printing. This won’t only cast a consistent artistic effect for all of your letters, but it will offer a crisp contrast to the other signs in your area that rely on the old-fashioned way of printing out signs. In other words, shadowing helps you stand out: especially when it’s done accurately through digital printing.

Detailed Signage

If you want your sign to make the most possible use of its space, then you likely have an eye on using as much detail as possible. Not only will this detail help the sign stand out, but it will hold up to closer inspection when customers approach it more closely. If you have a lot of detail, digital printing is a great solution: it will help make sure that the detailing is handled consistently and with a precise—forgive the term—hand. The end result is a crisp overall product that looks professional and practically begs customers in to take a closer look.

Even if you’re “old-school” when it comes to most of your marketing, don’t forget that there are lots of advantages to modern techniques like digital printing. Not only will your signage look better because of it, but it will reflect better on your business.

If you want to know more about when digital printing is appropriate for your signs, request a quote with us and tell us what you’re looking for.