Why Your Business Needs a Sign

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Signs for your business

One kid sets up a small plastic table on a street corner, puts out some lemonade, hangs up a sign, and waits for the customers to walk up.

Another kid put on a lemon costume and walked around with a pitcher and some cups.

Which kid do you think is going to attract attention? Who’s going to sell more lemonade?

The second kid is the one who grabs the imagination of his would-be customers. And in the proverbial “lemonade stand” of the business world, not much has changed. You need to make a memorable splash if you’re going to separate yourself from the crowd.

Successful Launches

When Sign It Quick launched, we decided to make the longest sign in the world. In fact, we created a banner sign long enough to go over the Empire State Building and down the other side. It was a banner that required 450 people just to carry it. We got a lot of publicity with that and it really helped launched that.

Frank AuCoin, founder of Sign It Quick, calls it more than an “opening.” It’s a launching.

You don’t have to be a new company to make this kind of opening, either. When the world’s largest companies start a new deal or open a new product, they don’t coast on their brand recognition. If they’re smart, they find ways to utilize and maximize their marketing dollar.

When launching the iPad Mini, Apple—a highly recognizable company across the world—still recognized that it needed to make a splash. The company purchased the entire back cover of Time Magazine to show customers that the iPad Mini was large enough to read magazines on.

Why are these kinds of splashes necessary? Because according to a report, some 70,000 new products were launched in 2013…and over 50% survey respondents couldn’t name a single one of them.

You might think that your company’s grand opening is making a splash in your community. But try to think about things from your potential customers’ perspective. What’s a way you can reach them and engage them on a personal level?

Connection: the Missing Link

With large some half a million new businesses every month according to Forbes, it’s not enough to make a splash. Just as someone doing a cannonball in the Atlantic Ocean isn’t going to noticed, a lackluster “grand opening” won’t get noticed, either—not by enough people to truly make a difference.

What does get noticed: a splash that is also memorable. And you become a memorable business when you make connections in peoples’ minds.

Consider that Apple’s launch of the iPad Mini on the back cover of Time Magazine wasn’t just a print ad—it was a print ad that connected the iPad Mini to the act of reading a magazine. Because of this connection, more people who bought Time Magazine were likely to see how an iPad Mini might appeal to them personally. Apple wasn’t just buying a print ad for the sake of a print ad—they were making a conscious decision to send out a substantive message.

When Sign It Quick launched, we didn’t set just any world record. We didn’t build the biggest ball of rubber bands. We made the largest sign because we make signs: our splash was instantly memorable because it was relevant to what we do.

What is it that your company can do to make a splash and forge a connection in your potential customers’ minds? Get in touch with Sign It Quick and we’ll be glad to share our expertise.