4 Things Window Lettering Can Do For Your Business


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In your home, windows are a simple view—a way to get a look at the world outside. In your business, however, they’re much more. They’re an opportunity. You’d be surprised how many business owners squander the important visual real estate of their windows simply because they want “people to see in,” or they’re afraid “I’ll ruin my good view.” But effective window lettering isn’t about blocking the view. It’s about enhancing the way people view your business.

Sound counter-intuitive? There’s more where that came from. Here are a few things you didn’t know window lettering could accomplish.

Capture Foot TrafficWindow Lettering

Most people view signage like window lettering as a mere method of identifying themselves. It’s a business card for their windows and no more. But if you use window lettering to your advantage, you can do a lot more than that. You can entice. You can intrigue. You can draw the attention of passers-by and let them know there’s a buzzing business inside just ready to help them out.

The way you do this is by first drawing attention with window lettering that stands out. That means no boring, template-driven words. Instead, use colorful logos specifically designed for your industry. Be willing to stand out so that all those pedestrians know you’re there.

Differentiate Your BusinessWindow Lettering

Let’s be honest: before you moved in, your business looked like any other on the street. Large windows, maybe bricks on the outside, and a sidewalk. Why should anyone feel compelled to come in? Window lettering is a brilliant way to differentiate your business with simple visual aids. They allow you to show off a menu or advertise a unique sale on offer. Everything your bricks can’t do to differentiate your business… window lettering can do.

Custom Window Decals

Inform Your Customers

The primary reason to get effective window lettering is to attract new customers and identify your brand. But what about informing them? We’ve got you covered there too. A restaurant, for example, can use window lettering to advertise their special schedule—or simply let customers know when they’re open. Windows are prime visual real estate for brick-and-mortar businesses. Letting your customers know when and where to find you isn’t just smart window lettering—it’s smart business, period.

Increase SalesCustom Window Decals

Think about window lettering as the potential first item in a new sales funnel. They’re a “foot in the door”—metaphorically speaking. They entice a customer, and the customer walks in on a whim. Then, they enter—already thinking about what to buy, not if they’re going to buy anything. That’s the difference between a sales funnel that starts at the window with the announcement of your offer… and an empty window.

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