Window Lettering & Decals: Boost Your Foot Traffic Overnight


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You have a large window near the sidewalk, but that’s no guarantee of foot traffic. With the right commercial window lettering & decal strategies in hand, however, you won’t just increase foot traffic—you’ll increase the amount of attention your business gets. Here are some tips for accomplishing exactly that.

Start With Your Brand in Mind

Your window lettering should reflect your essential brand. If you’re a restaurant, put your logo above your menu items—don’t simply list your offerings and expect customers to be interested.

At the heart of your brand is your essential value proposition to the customer. A bakery advertises its fresh offerings. You know that, as the owner, but would someone who’s never heard of you know it simply by looking at your window? If not, you might need to put more effort into what your windows say.

Don’t Be Afraid to Think Big

Most window lettering is humble, even hard to read for most people. You don’t want to go over the top, of course, because that might put off customers. But you shouldn’t be afraid to think big, either.

Window lettering should be easy to read from a distance—say, across the street—and to do that, your letters need to be physically large. But there are other ways to think “big” with window lettering, including adding an enticing logo or image with a window decal that gets people wondering what’s inside.

Walk Around the Neighborhood

As the owner of your business, you’re locked in to your business—and for good reason. But one of the disadvantages of not taking a step outside once in a while is that you forget the context in which your business appears. Customers won’t forget that context, because they can’t help but evaluate your business through that prism.

So take a look around your neighborhood and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are other shops doing with their window lettering that entices you to step in and look?
  • What are shops doing when they fail to grab your attention,
  • How might you avoid that?

Jot down a few notes, and you’ll have a much better springboard from which to launch your own window marketing strategies.

Find Something that Grabs Customers

Is it enough to put a large logo on your window and expect that customers will do the selling themselves? Of course not. You have to find a way to grab customers with a unique offering that will entice them to take further action.

Sometimes, the prospect of a simple quality meal is enough. But you may want to think about special orders or offerings that you can add as unique selling points, especially if you’re facing stiff competition down the street. Window lettering is important real estate; it would be a shame not to use this advertising space in order to get ahead of the competition.

If you’d like to add new, fresh window lettering that meets all of the above, Request a Quote with Sign it Quick today!