Window Lettering in Charleston, SC


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You may have invested a lot in your business, but there may be one piece you’ve been ignoring: your windows. Window lettering represents an innovative opportunity for any business with a lot of street exposure that relies on a lot of foot traffic. Sign It Quick offers high quality window lettering in Charleston, SC, and our experts are here to help. If you aren’t sure exactly what to put on your windows, here are a few ideas.

Make Visibility Your Priority

Maybe it doesn’t need to be said, but you’d be surprised at just how many businesses out there completely ignore the fact that their signage needs to be clear and obvious. Your window lettering needs to be visible enough to attract attention.

Assuming that people will take the time to read your windows might be accurate—but just how many people will go out of their way for you? Even when you notice potential customers reading your window signs, you still can’t record how many passed them by who otherwise would have stopped if your window lettering was much more compelling.

Visibility isn’t limited to the size of your letters, either. Keep each of these elements in mind with your window lettering in Charleston, SC:

  • Contrast with surrounding area
  • Color: reds and yellows are bright; grays and dark blues are not
  • Messaging: Do you have a simple message that attracts attention?

With enough visibility, you’ll attract more foot traffic, which can mean more customers for your business.

Don’t Give People Too Much “Homework”

Don’t be that restaurant with the giant, seventeen-page menu. When it comes to your window lettering, repeat after us: simpler is better. Why? Because a paragraph of text will send your most casual observers moving along. They don’t have the time to consider every single word your business has to say. They need to be drawn in.

Simplicity is more powerful. That’s why it’s important to edit your window lettering message before you ever send it to a Charleston signage company. Look for the unessential words and information, then cut it out.

Tell Your Customers Why They Should Come In

Finally, let’s bring it back to basics. Your customers need a basic reason for stopping and checking out what’s going on inside your business. If your window lettering is too cute or clever for its own good, you might miss out on this basic point. This is an easy fix. Step back and look at your window lettering from a fresh perspective. If you had no knowledge of your business, would you be enticed into coming in? Why or why not?

Get High Quality Window Lettering in Charleston, SC

If you need fresh, creative window lettering in Charleston, SC that helps your business improve its profile on the street, it’s time to request a quote from Sign It Quick. We offer the designs you need, and we’ll help you figure out the best strategies for placing your window lettering in a way that attracts the positive attention your business needs.