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Architectural Signs

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Architectural Signs

As the timeless adage goes, first impressions matter. Most of us link the adage with interpersonal relationships, but the saying also applies to the relationships businesses try to forge with customers. First impressions for businesses are the banners and exterior signs that welcome customers to your store or building. For more than 30 years, Sign It Quick has helped Charleston, SC, businesses make the best first impression by presenting visually appealing architectural signs.

As we look yet again at how strong the correlation is between the quality of a sign and the impression it makes on your potential clients, we come to the topic of architectural signs. Architectural signs and symbols are perhaps the pinnacles of sign fabrication when it comes to quality.

What makes an architectural sign different from a commercial sign?

Both architectural and commercial signs integrate other aspects that we have mentioned with regard to design, such as sandblasting, routing, and dimensional lettering, but architectural signs merge all of those qualities and make something even greater, more impressive, and longer lasting.

While we create all of our exterior and interior signage to endure, sign design in the sign industry is not all created equally. Choosing architectural sign fabrication is yet one more cut above the norm, with seamless creation and construction that is truly meant to last as a permanent installation representing your name and business.

Put it under a microscope…

From a distance, a commercial sign and an architectural sign with the same design and aesthetic might appear almost identical. But, to appreciate the genius and craftsmanship of architectural sign fabrication, you have to get up close. A little closer. Almost there. Now you can see it, can’t you?

Commercial signs usually have exposed seams and fasteners, such as rivets and screw heads. However, architectural signs feature fully-welded, nearly seamless construction with either minimal or no visible fasteners (unless they are part of the design aesthetic itself).

Why is this important?

If you are the person passing by on the road 30 yards away, you might not appreciate the difference immediately. If you are the business owner, this difference means your valuable product and money is working for you. Misaligned panels, seams that aren’t quite perfect, and cheap fasteners can lead to penetration from the elements or just general weakness of your signage. These imperfections can cause premature lighting failure or other component deterioration and greatly shorten the life of your custom sign (in addition to more significant repair cost —if it can be repaired).

Architectural name signs feature impeccable construction that clearly reveals that seamless and exact fabrication was the top priority during your sign’s design and build phase. From the construction drawings to electrical symbols and components, every aspect of your custom architectural sign is well-planned-out, top-notch, measured flawlessly, cut precisely, and assembled to absolute perfection.

Is architectural signage only for use outdoors?

No, architectural signs and symbols are commonly used for:

  • Lobby signs
  • Wayfinding signage
  • Valuable informational signage that you know you want to last

What are some common aspects of architectural signs?

  • They complement, integrate, and enhance the architectural environment or design.
  • They seamlessly integrate your brand identity.
  • They clearly communicate wayfinding messages.
  • They use more exotic materials not commonly found in commercial signage.
From foundations of glass, wood, brick & mortar, or metal to state-of-the-art plastics and acrylics, your sign or logo is meant to be one of your strongest selling points, and our goal at Sign It Quick is to bring it to life for you. Our sign pros know exactly how to get you from point A (conception) to point B (installation) and how to aid the process in all the steps in between effortlessly. Contact us today for a quote and to discuss your vision for your architectural sign and how we can help craft your dream as a 3D representation of your life’s work and passion.

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