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Illuminated Backlit Signs

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Illuminated Backlit Signs

What is a Backlit Sign?

Backlit signage is one of the most attention-grabbing ways to advertise your business. An illuminated backlit sign is a sign that uses light as a design element. This lighting adds a whole new dimension to your signage while gifting you with more visibility for your business.

Advantages of Backlit Signage

There are several reasons why one may choose backlit signage over traditional signage.

Hours of Operation

With an illuminated exterior sign, potential customers can find your business, day or night.

If your business operates in the evening, there is a huge opportunity to take advantage of by using a backlit business sign. A custom backlit sign can show customers where your business is, even after the sun has gone down.

Standing Out

Custom backlit signage is one of the easiest ways for your business to stand out. Backlit displays are especially crucial if you are in the same area as some of your competitors. A backlit exterior sign can give you both the visibility and the edge you may need to pull more customers in. Never underestimate the power of being easily seen.


Illuminated signs create memorable moments for your customers. Using backlit signage inside of your business can help create a warmer, more energetic environment for your business. 

Backlit sign boards such as menu boards or product detailings pull the customer’s attention to what you are selling. Not only are backlit signs an attractive aesthetic for your business, but they are also functional. They allow you to direct your customers’ attention to where you need it. Good impressions often equal more sales.


Backlit signs can bring an extra element of design to the table. Custom light signs are not just functional; they can be trendy design pieces that elevate the look and feel of a business to a whole new level. Logo signs are an excellent example of giving one’s business a little extra sparkle while still advertising its brand.

 Sign it Quick & Your Backlit Signage Printing Needs

Sign it Quick is a signage company specializing in signage that can give your business the extra push it needs to get more eyes on your offerings and more people in your door. 

Sign it Quick produces quality signs for every business or event, including backlit signage, awnings, yard signs, special promotion signage, window decals, trade show displays, and much more. 

Check out Sign It Quick’s signage offerings, and contact us today to hear how we can help you create the right signage for your business.

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