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What An Awning Adds to Your Business

First impressions truly are everything, and your signage is one of the first impressions a potential customer will have of your business. Window awnings or storefront awnings both add a bit of luxury to your business and say “welcome” without having to say anything at all.

Awning signs are one way to make your business look professional while giving you a functional addition to your building. Awnings look great, create a barrier from some light and heat, and add a little more pizzazz to the outside of your business. 

Beauty and benefits are what an awning sign can offer your business.

With awnings, you can customize color, size, and wording to make your sign send whatever message you want. In addition to aesthetics, awnings are a functional part of a building that can provide comfort for your customers.

Building an Image for Your Business

The outside of your building is just as important as the inside. Curbside appeal is a  necessity for businesses because what people think of your business is essential. 

Storefront awnings allow you to take your marketing game up a notch and build an image for your business, from the outside, in. Sign It Quick offers custom signs and awnings that let you add a little more to your business’s appearance while branding your space.

An added bonus is that awnings often become an iconic focal point of a business. They offer personality and make your business space truly yours.

Custom Awnings

Signs and awnings are an excellent pair. Custom awnings are an exceptionally beneficial way to showcase your business. Branding your awning is a different way to showcase your brand. Sign graphics have their place, and awnings can often complement custom signage. A high-quality awning or canopy isn’t just for “fancy” businesses. Their functionality proves they are beneficial to any retail store or business wanting to take their look to the next level while garnering the attention of potential customers. Awnings are warm and inviting, and just what your business may need to push its appearance from average to extraordinary.

How Sign it Quick Can Help

Sign it Quick is an awning sign company that specializes in custom signage of every size. From yard signs and point of sale signs to large format signage such as awnings and outdoor signs, Sign it Quick does it all. Sign it Quick produces quality signs for businesses of all types. 


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Awnings are smart branding and marketing additions.

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