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Dimensional Lettering

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Dimensional Lettering

Want to make a distinctive impression? The marketing and sign pros at Sign It Quick can help your business stand out with dimensional lettering. Durable three-dimensional letters give your storefront and entrance signs an elegant look while creating interest and heightening visual impact. Dimensional lettering choices include foam, metal, or plastic to create the lasting impression that best suits your business.

Why Are Custom Dimensional Signs Right For My Business?

It is essential for you to want your business to stand out. People can intuitively sense quality and get a feel for integrity based on your signage alone. Adding dimensional sign letters not only helps distinguish your business visually, but it sets the tone for success and gives people an impression of quality.

What’s The Difference Between Dimensional Lettering Signage & Traditional Signage?

The differences between a flat-cut sign and dimensional lettering are many.

  • Impression- All of us can recall a time when we saw a sign that made us think, WOW! Frequently, those are dimensional signs that leave a lasting impression.
  • Quality- This also falls into the “good impressions” category. When people know you have a quality sign and that you care about every detail of your appearance and presentation, they are more likely to trust the services your business offers.
  • Competition- Take a look around at your competitors and see what kind of signage they display. If they regularly utilize flat-cut signs, you’ll stand head and shoulders above the rest. If they all have dimensional signage, you won’t appear as a lesser business for not having the same quality in your custom signs.
  • Engagement- Since the human eye is drawn to custom shapes that pop, your sign will get more attention than that of a flat sign. If the goal of your business is to attract more attention —the right kind of attention—dimensional lettering is just the way to go.
  • Memorability- It takes the human brain just a tad longer to process a 3D image than it does a 2D image. That means clients will be looking at your signage longer and that it will be more memorable. That’s perhaps the most functional aspect of signage, to pop into someone’s mind as their solution when a need arises.

Aren’t Dimensional Signs More Fragile Than Flat-Cut Signs?

We use a wide variety of only the best materials to create not only a sign that looks fantastic but also one that will last as long as your business is…in business! We guarantee all of our signage so that you can rest easy knowing that all of us at Sign It Quick have your back.

What Kind of Materials Are Utilized to Craft Custom Dimensional Signs?

Dimensional signs come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and textures to fit your unique needs.

Depending on placement and budget, we create our dimensional lettering signage using:

  • woods
  • plastic
  • acrylic
  • metals
  • foam

What If I Don’t Know If Dimensional Lettering Is A Good Fit For My Business?

If you are unsure whether dimensional lettering is right for you, give our team a call and let them demonstrate the difference. We know that once you see how our sign pros make your sign or logo pop, you’ll feel the same way we do.  Call us for a free quote today!

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