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Point of Sale Signs

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Point of Sale Signs

What is a Point of Sale Sign?

Point of sale (POS) signs are used to promote the products and services within your business. 

They are a vital source of information for your potential customers because they push the sale forward through incentive or more thorough information.

They include your storefront signage, special promotion signs, restaurant menu boards, end-cap displays, and everything in between.

POS signs are the signs you need to make your business pop and get consumers the information they need, exactly when they need it.

Point of Sale Display Signs in Use

Checkout counters are a good place for point of sales signs since they are often where the monetary exchange occurs. Having sale signage at the checkout counter gives customers certainty about their purchase. When customers are certain about their purchase, they are much more likely to be motivated to spend more money at your business through impulse buys or revisiting your business in the future.

Stand displays around your retail store are another excellent tactic for sales signage. This is known as point of purchase display because your advertisement is near your products during the shopping experience. 

Window graphics grab consumer attention and let people know what they can expect before entering the store. They are an efficient way to draw people in so you can implement your point of purchase marketing signage strategy.

Custom signs are always the way to go. Affiliating your brand with your offerings creates a strong bond between your store and its customers.

Why You Need a Point of Sale Sign

Point of sale display signs are needed to do several things.

  • Inform

Point of sale signage is the best way to educate your customers on what you are offering them. It is how you inform your customers of what they are purchasing, why it’s a good investment, and how it may benefit them.

You always want your customer to make informed purchasing decisions, and POS signs help them accomplish just that with confidence.

  • Promote

Promotion is the next goal. Whether it be special offers or more detail about product offerings, this is the time to make your products or services seem the most appealing. The visual aspect of signage is the strongest way to promote your business. A visual association is the quickest way to help customers associate your business with positive words & images.

  • Steer Sales

POS signs are also vital for driving sales in moments of silence. Letting customers know what you have to offer them before you can engage in conversation can give them a better understanding of your services and a boost of confidence to engage with you about your offerings.

Instilling confidence in your customers and their purchasing decisions is always important. Signs are an easy way to do just that.

Significance of Branded Signage

Not only are signs a way to give consumers information, but they are also a way to associate your brand with what you have to offer.

From a visual perspective, an appealing sign branded for your business solidifies your authority as a business. It lets your customer know to associate your offerings with you and your brand. Branded signage allows you to connect yourself to your product and connect your product to your customer.

What Sign it Quick Has to Offer

SIQ offers custom signs tailored to your business and its message. Every business needs to invest in themselves, and part of that is investing in your signage. Thoughtful signage can help your business grow. The instant connection your customers receive from branded signage is a valuable resource that gives your customers a priceless experience.


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