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Sandblasted Signs

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Sandblasted Signs

Are Sandblasted Signs Right for You?

Want a long-lasting classic look and feel to your signage? Likened to beautiful artwork, sandblasted signs are a favorite of many.

Your classic-looking sandblasted sign, made of traditional redwood or composite wood, can create a beautiful entrance sign, a bold monument sign, directional signs, a corporate sign, a camp or park sign, and much more. These textured, 3D signs are durable and elegant. On top of that, sandblasted signs are great for both indoor and outdoor use and can add a handcrafted charm.

The Look, The Feel, of Sandblasted Sign Materials

Your business has character. Like you, it has its personality and traits that make it attention-catching, trustworthy, and a valuable resource.

Sandblasted signs don’t just offer a classic look and feel; they tell people that you aren’t the new kid on the block (even if your business is still in the teething stages). We want your sign to look crisp, clean, and high-quality; sandblasting achieves this while still giving the impression that your business is well-established. It’s trustworthy, strong, and here to stay.

Custom sandblasted signs offer the texture to entice someone looking for dependability and reliability. When you trace your fingers across a wood sign that is routed and hand-painted, it leaves a lasting impression, and it tells you that great care and craftsmanship went into its construction.

What Makes Custom Sandblasted Signs Special?

Sandblasted wood signs stand out in the sign industry for a number of reasons:

  1. Sandblasted signs make your logo and name pop. Adding dimensionality with sandblasted routed material can make your sign look and feel more impressive while still creating a sense of warmth and invitation.
  2. They stand out. These signs look different from metal signs with fewer customization options, attracting attention and reminding people of quality. They stand out from the crowd in more commercial districts or historic neighborhoods.
  3. They give people a feel of the good ol’ days and have old-time appeal. Creating positive feelings for others with your signage helps them associate those feelings with you or your business. Many historical districts/sites and business parks actually require sandblasted signs due to their classical and professional look.
  4. Allows you to combine your innovative, creative styling with classic sign design. Adding sandblasting to a sign with a very modern logo can be the perfect compliment, like salt and sugar.
  5. Nearly endless customization options. Whereas you can be limited with certain metal and plastic signs, sandblasted signs can take any shape and any form!

What Types of Businesses Benefit From Sandblasted Signage?

Sandblasted signs are particularly great for:

  • professional offices
  • small businesses looking to stand out
  • residential communities
  • subdivisions
  • apartments
  • condominiums
  • schools
  • churches
  • golf courses
  • parks
  • barns
  • historical locations
  • anywhere your heart desires

Now is the time to stand out and make not only a great first impression but a lasting one with your sandblasted sign. Call us today for a free quote and explore what options we have available for helping you bring your ideas to life with custom sandblasting artisanry.

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