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Exterior Signs & Store Fronts

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Exterior Signs

I know everyone likes to say, “it’s what’s on the inside that counts,” but what you display on the outside means a lot when it comes to signage.

What Is Exterior Signage?

Exterior signage includes all signage that will spend near the entirety of its existence outside. This category can consist of exterior building signs like storefront signs, directional signs, mounted signs, parking signs, monument signs, backlit signs, freestanding signs, plus many more.

Our custom exterior signs also give you the most options for design, materials, and sizes. (Like, more options than the Sunday buffet at the Golden Corral, if you catch my drift.)

Sign It Quick Can Make Your Outdoor Signage Stand Out

Exterior signs are often beacons. They are narrators of information that offer order to the world.

“Where do I turn?” “What business is in that building?” “Can I park here?” “Wait, what was their phone number?”

Exterior signage highlights the locations of our lives; that’s why they deserve to be well-made, easy to read, and prepared to withstand the test of time.

Can Custom Outdoor Signs Be Designed to My Liking?

The best thing about exterior signage and its many material options is even more design opportunities. At Sign It Quick, we have an in-house team of experts ready to walk you through the design process, regardless of much or how little you already have in mind.

For your custom exterior signs, you could consider:

  • illuminated or backlit signs
  • dimensional lettering
  • awnings
  • bright colors or neutral tones to complement your branding
  • adding extra information like your logo, phone number, or address
  • anything else your heart can desire (or close to it! Request a quote, and we’ll see what we can do.)

What Can You Make an Exterior Sign Out Of?

Some examples of materials we use to build custom exterior signs include:

  • High-quality aluminum
  • Acrylic
  • Vinyl

While we have a nearly endless amount of materials to create signage from, including wood, metal, and stone, aluminum, acrylic, and banners made with vinyl are the most popular and weather-resistant picks for exterior signage.

Is Exterior Signage Really Weather Resistant?

Yes, exterior signs are created to withstand the elements, including rain, snow, and heat.

While all signs will eventually see wear, we pride ourselves on creating high-quality signage from high-quality materials made to last.

A Tip from Our Experts

Sign It Quick brand ambassador Suzie says, “Dimensional lettering makes one of the greatest impressions with custom exterior signage. It stands out; no pun intended.”

Dimensional lettering for outdoor signage is still a popular pick for many people, and that’s because it makes a statement worth paying attention to. This type of signage is perfect for long-standing facilities such as apartment complexes, hospitals, businesses, parks, schools, and subdivisions.

Dimensional lettering is easy to read and is often created from clean, weather-resistant letters on a concrete or brick-based sign. This makes it one of our most appealing options for any exterior sign buyer searching for a functional statement piece.

How Can I Purchase Custom Exterior Signage?

If you’re looking to have new outdoor signage created, we’re happy you found us!

Sign It Quick has been in business for over 30 years, giving us the technical expertise to make a perfect sign and the customer service experience to make sure you come back to us for the next one! We’d be honored to help you bring your exterior signage dreams to life.

Let’s get started! Get in contact with one of our friendly, highly-trained professional signmakers by requesting a quote below. 

Signs Create Business and Profits.

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