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Vehicle Magnets

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Vehicle Magnets

Vehicle magnets are an amazing marketing tool because they’re an eye-level promotion that is constantly reaching new audiences. Car magnets are easy to install, affordable, reusable, safe on your vehicle’s paint, and come in standard or custom sizes. Let us help you reach more customers and prompt new leads by promoting your business or event with these convenient, practical, and budget-friendly magnets.

Experts say our nation’s vehicles get seen 17 to 20 million times a year when they’re on the road. Just think, you can pay for this super effective advertising ONCE, and it’ll advertise for you millions of times a month! Compare that to advertising on TV, radio, or the newspaper. No contest! Interested in taking advantage of this powerful, cost-effective marketing tactic and enabling your vehicle to be your portable business card with car door magnets? Learn more and request a complimentary quote today so you can hit ground the running.

One great thing about car door magnets is that they aren’t exclusively for large companies with vehicle fleets. The flexibility of the magnet creates room for advertising on any vehicle, even if it isn’t a company vehicle.

In fact, there are even companies out there that are paying everyday drivers to use their cars for advertising on behalf of third-party companies. (Like Wrapify, for example.) That’s how lucrative vehicle advertising is.

Taking advantage of mobile advertising could be the difference in getting your brand and logo out there and legitimizing your small business!

Car magnets do all of the following:

  • Create business awareness
  • Promote your business in the local area, even when you’re busy driving to your next job
  • Advertise a variety of products or services at one glance
  • Allow for more money in your wallet by saving thousands of dollars on a custom paint job
  • Flexibility to use and remove with ease, putting all of the power in your hands
  • Create space to “test” impressions and engagements if you are looking to experiment with your advertising and marketing
  • Last 3-5 years 

The numbers:

  • Automobile advertising generates 2.5 times more attention than a static billboard
  • Messages on outdoor automobile billboards have a 97% recall rate according to RYP & Becker Group
  • A study from the American Trucking Association revealed that Approximately 30% of mobile outdoor viewers indicate they would base a buying decision on ads they see.

What’s the biggest benefit of car door magnets? They promote customer retention as they evoke an immediate response. The fact your vehicle is on the move requires A QUICK, AFFIRMATIVE action from onlookers, potential prospects, and passersby, which promotes effective marketing.

It’s important to make sure you get car magnets from a reliable provider. Check out our credentials, reviews, and happy customers! Take your small business’s advertising game to the next level with magnetic car signs and give us a call today!

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