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Marketing is About Communicating, Educating & Motivating…So How You Doin?

In every business, regardless of what that business is, there’s three parts to it.

There’s a before, a during and an after.  And most people just think of businesses as one big business but in fact it’s not. There is a before, a during and an after.

And the before is really really important because this is where you communicate, educate and motivate them enough to come in during the time you tell them your story.  And the way you do that is through letting the general public know who you are.

So you think of it like this: “I need to communicate, educate and motivate them enough so they’ll walk into my store or sit down with one of my sales people and we can tell them the full story so that they understand the value of the product. And then they can refer all the people to us.”

And that never stops.  Because if people do know you and they come in and buy your service and then they leave.  They come in to buy your product and then they leave.  And you’re going to lose your client.  So you can never stop telling the story of what you’re doing.  That’s why Coca Cola never stops advertising, that’s why McDonald’s never quits advertising.

You’ve got to continue to communicate, educate and motivate them.  And we do that by either four wall marketing, have something in their place of business or their home that tells them what we do, who we are and all that is signage.  Whether the sign is on your business card, whether it’s on your letter head, whether it’s on your physical store or a banner, a vehicle. Signages own everything.  And you cannot think of a signage as just a signage.  And so until they see a sign or read about you or hear about you – and until people are talking about you but they don’t know about you.

So you’re constantly trying to communicate, educate and motivate them enough to come in and do business with you.  And then after that if it’s done properly, they’ll refer everybody to you and they’ll come back.  Because no one else is going to treat them like that.  No one else understands that.


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