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Point of Sale Signs: Persuasive Strategies & Techniques

Many businesses think that when a customer makes it to the cash register, all of their decisions are already made. They know what they’re going to buy, they’re set in their ways, and they’re not about to suddenly make a brand new purchase just because they saw something persuasive on a sign.

Smart businesses know better.

Point of Sale signs, however, are about more than just impulse buys. There are all sorts of hidden opportunities when your customer comes to the point of sale—but only if you know how to take advantage of these opportunities. Let’s consult Robert Cialdini’s famous book “Persuasion” to discover how your signage can be more persuasive when you come face-to-face with your customer.

Reciprocity: Giving Something To Your Customer

The idea is simple: give your customers a little something for free and they’ll feel inclined to give you something in return. It’s a part of our psychology that’s hard-wired into us; after all, we don’t like the concept of owing people anything.

With creative Point of Sale signage, you can easily use the sign to draw attention to a number of free goodies that customers love:

  • Giveaway/contest signups are a great way to get people to subscribe to your newsletter at the point of sale. Give away a neat prize in exchange for subscribing to your company email newsletter and you’ll be able to reach your customers in a whole new way. You see this all the time on blogs that give away free eBooks in exchange for your subscription.
  • Small samples of your products can be stapled on to your signage. Feature more of that same product available for purchase at the Point of Sale and see if you sell more of them. It’s the same idea behind the free samples you receive at the grocery store.

Commitment: Get People to See Themselves as Loyal Customers

One advantage of getting your customers to sign up with their email address is that they’ll tend to view themselves as your customers. So use the Point of Sale to advertise a newsletter full of coupons and special deals; many of your customers will sign up, feel like an “insider,” and give you repeat business.

Social Proof: A Powerful Hidden Motivator

We’ve all seen big cardboard cutouts of celebrities in convenience stores. Why are these so ubiquitous? It’s not because they’re utter failures; it’s because they work. “Social proof” is the concept behind word of mouth: if you see someone else enjoying a product, you’re more likely to test it out for yourself.

You can incorporate social proof into your Point of Sale signs by coming to an agreement of a local celebrity; heck, even stock images of people enjoying your type of product is a great way to demonstrate that your product is, well, enjoyable.

For more information about setting up a highly persuasive and attractive Point of Sale sign, request a quote from Sign It Quick today.


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