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Awning Signs for Business: Boosting Your Visibility

Shelter from the elements is one of the most basic needs we have as human beings. Whether it’s shade from the sun or cover from the rain, business awnings still have considerable value in modern-day life. Commercial awnings provide an opportunity for businesses like yours to maximize the marketing potential of your space and reach more customers. Here are a few tips to ensure that awning signs for your business pay long-term dividends.

Place Your Awning Sign in a Convenient Location

Let’s assume you’ve already had the inspiration to invest in a business awning sign. Now, an even more important question: where will you put it? If you sponsor an outdoor event, your awning might provide coverage from the sun—which means that people will flock to it on a hot day. If you want your awning in the city, it might be one of the few opportunities that people have to stay out of the rain.

In short, put some real thought into where your awning will be. Commercial awnings help attract attention from the road and pedestrian traffic. Either way, the location of your awning can be just as important as the location of your business.

Pick the Right Variables

You might think that a business awning sign is simply a different version of the same old signage you’ve always had. You’d be wrong. You have plenty of new variables to choose from here, including:

  • Do you want your sign to be backlit for extra attention in twilight hours?
  • What shape do you need? Shape considerations include small ridges for extra visibility or simply a “three-dimensional” look.
  • What materials do you want to use? Exceptional materials can sometimes require a greater investment—but they’ll also last longer.
  • What colors should you use? Could your awning signage draw more attention to your logo simply by tastefully contrasting with the surrounding environment?

There are plenty of opportunities to increase the value of your commercial awning. Don’t forget a single detail. Even the smallest variances can add up to big returns when it comes to your visibility.

Make Your Awning Different

It’s not enough to simply acquire an awning sign for your business. A quality sign will draw attention by being a little bit different from its surroundings. For starters, you can look through the list of variables above and compare them to other awnings in your area. Which variables will help you stand out?

Most importantly, you should work with someone in the awning and signage business who has deep experience with these projects. Sign It Quick, for example, has constructed business awnings for a wide range of needs. We can help you with yours as well.

Request a Quote with Sign It Quick to produce an eye-catching awning that will help to draw customers into your business. Whether you need a temporary or permanent installation, we’ll help you pick the right variables to maximize your visibility.


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