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Professional Backlit Signs in Charleston, SC

It’s 9:00 PM and some potential customers are driving down the road. The street is lit with public streetlights, but your business sign is left in the dark. The customers miss your sign, driving right by your business! If you don’t want this to happen to your business, then it’s time that you invested in professional backlight signs in Charleston, SC.

Three Reasons You Need Professional Backlit Signs

Backlit signs come with countless benefits. They’re highly visible, they attract attention, and they can add to the quality of your branding. But let’s focus on three very specific benefits that you can realize with a backlit sign:

  • Putting time on your side. One-third of your life is spent sleeping, so it’s worth investing in a quality bed. But for your business sign, about one half of its life is poorly-lit. Might it also be a strong investment to double your potential returns with a professional backlit sign? Although traffic at night is less than during the day, you still want to utilize as much of your visibility as possible—especially if you’re operating at night!
  • Buzz and attention. If your business has trouble breaking through the advertising noise during the day, then evenings and nights can be a prime opportunity to “catch up.” You’d be surprised at how much a backlit sign can do to generate more buzz and attention than any ordinary sign.
  • Letting customers know you’re there—or that you’re open. If you have a 24-hour-a-day business, then a backlit sign isn’t just a good idea. It’s essential. People need to know that your business is open. If your sign isn’t lit, then many customers will make the split-second decision to keep driving or walking until they see a sign that is.

Of course, realizing these benefits isn’t simply about flipping a switch. You also have to know how to get the most out of your sign.

Tips for Using Your Backlit Sign in Charleston, SC

Here are some of the principles that we’ve found to work best with our clients:

  • High contrast. Dark font over a brightly-lit white background is sure to create the high-visibility contrast your sign needs at night. You don’t want to invest in a backlit sign and find that customers can only read it from a few dozen yards away.
  • Customize your sign. Some backlit signs are ideal for temporary announcements and promotions—particularly for local government services and even fast food franchises.
  • Let your light shine. That is, give your backlit sign the location necessary to attract the attention you want. Burying your sign somewhere in your parking lot simply isn’t going to get you the same results as putting the sign closer to the street.

Request A Quote Today

If you stick to these tips and understand why a backlit sign can be such a boon to your business, you’re sure to squeeze some serious value out of your investment. Request a quote with Sign It Quick for a high quality backlit sign in Charleston, SC.


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