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Branch Out with Window Lettering

Vinyl window lettering is a popular way for businesses to show their hours of business. A quick walk down King Street in Charleston and you’d lose count of the vinyl window dressings that come and go! The type of information provided is endless with the only obstacles being how much information needs to be given and your creativity! Window lettering for a storefront usually includes the name, hours of operation, and in some cases, a tag line. It’s actually incredible how vinyl lettering, and supporting graphics can transform a storefront. There is really no limit to where you can put both vinyl lettering and graphic elements. Vinyl lettering christens a business location, whether it is old or new. You cannot go anywhere without seeing the use of vinyl lettering, especially since it is also a popular choice on vehicles, floors, and walls too.

How long has window lettering been around?

Applying lettering to windows has been a business technique steeped in history. Lettering was done by hand, requiring constant care and repainting. Artists were employed to carefully and painstakingly hand draw, fill in, and often gold leaf a business name on a glass storefront. This was both expensive for the business owner and laborious for the artist! With advances in technology, vinyl lettering has become the perfect way to apply lettering to all kinds of surfaces, and while we here at Sign it Quick are a talented lot, we can at least put away the paintbrushes! Like a calligraphy look? Lettering can be customized to your brand. Use your colors, your fonts, and send a congruent message from the first footfall through to the online shopper! As mentioned before, vinyl lettering has so many applications it’s tough to summarize it in one article. Look around and see where you notice it? Cars, RVs, 18-Wheelers, and a whole list of vehicles. Even the stripping and lettering you see on Police cars is vinyl. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Just as vinyl lettering and graphics can transform a storefront, it’s absolutely mindblowing how vinyl can transform an interior. High traffic floor graphics provide walking wayfinding, wall lettering can create whimsy, elegance, or even rustic atmospheres. It all depends on the imagination.

What should be considered before ordering custom vinyl window lettering?

When you get ready to order customized vinyl lettering, keep in mind the exact location the lettering is going to be applied. This will help you determine the best color and design options. Most vinyl lettering is capable of being applied to the inside or the outside of a window. It is always best to discuss when ordering this type of lettering. Using it indoors will help it last longer since it will be protected from the elements. You will want to make sure the font that is used is a thicker font since applying thin letters can be difficult, if not disastrous. The newest trend is the etched glass look which gives an establishment the feel of an ultra-modern style. Don’t be afraid to ask about how you can support your brand and elevate your business with vinyl graphics to help that lettering pop! Just about any surface, you can think of, we’d love to help you add some life to!


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