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Five Small Details That Will Improve Your Building Signage Today

You’ve got big ideas for your building signage—but sometimes, it’s the little details that count. If you want to make your signs stand out from the rest, it pays to review those details and make full use of every square inch of advertising you have. Here are some details to keep in mind.

Show The Reason Someone Should Buy Your Product 

If you need to craft a compelling message, you’ll probably notice that something as simple as “Chocolates for $10.99” won’t do it. Sure, chocolates are great—but you haven’t given people a compelling reason to buy them. But if you include details about Valentine’s Day, suddenly the potential customer can see the reason for purchasing the chocolates. It’s a subtle change, but it’s what helps your signage to have an emotional impact on your intended audience.

Empty Space

It may be the most overlooked aspect of signage there is. So many companies are eager to use the full range of their signage space that they forget about the use of negative space. And sometimes that makes sense—you want your message to be bold, you want it to be read. But what if you could attract more attention the opposite way? For example, if your signage is limited to a simple sentence, surrounding that sentence with negative space is a bit like whispering—you’ll get your audience to lean in.

Not Just About Traffic


“Location, location, location” doesn’t just apply to real estate. It’s essential for signage as well. But is it all about location? Of course not. Even more important are the locations of the eyes that will have a chance to view your sign. You might even try driving around the roads of your business to get a sense not only of where traffic flows, but where the best place to notice a sign might be. This one detail can mean the difference between zero impact from your sign and the buzz your location deserves.

Building Signage Can Be Fun.

So many businesses are concerned with displaying the image of a professional brand. And that’s great. If you’re a law practice or a dental office, then you want to appear like an expert professional. But what if you run a restaurant? A retail shop? Something a little less serious?

Then you can incorporate fun on your signs. Use puns. Play with words. Use a temporary sign like a business yard sign to even crack a joke. Break the normal pattern of advertising and you’re sure to be remembered.

Think Outside The Square 

The usual phrase is thinking “outside the box.” But when it comes to signage, you have to think “outside the square.” What can you do to amplify the message of your signage? What other details have you missed? What little tweaks can you make to boost your sign’s effectiveness?

To think outside that square, request a quote with Sign It Quick and find out more about the details that help you get the full potential out of your building signage.


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