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Are Business Signs Necessary? What You Could Be Missing Without A Sign

You know what you sell. You tend to know when a sign is generating all sorts of business because people talk about it. But what about the opportunities you don’t even know are there?

With the appropriate signage, you can capture customer attention in places you would never have imagined. Are business signs necessary, really? Check out the following opportunities you miss when you don’t include signage your marketing strategy.

The Opportunity to Upsell

Marketers have long known that the best time to make a sale is when the customer is ready to pay. They’ve already made the decision to trust your business with their money, and there are few obstacles getting in the way of their next purchase. All they have to do is reach in their wallet for just a little extra.

Point of Sale signs can generate more “upsell” in just about any type of business. If you’re an automotive repair shop, putting out cheap tire gauges for a quick sell with a point of sale sign is a great way to capture the customer when they’re waiting for a tire change.

You don’t have to focus solely on small purchases, either. Though supermarkets put small items like gum and candy bars near the checkout to encourage impulse buying, you can use point of sale signs to introduce customers to email newsletters, contests, sign-up sheets, and more. The key here: don’t let one opportunity get away just because you think signs are only for outdoor use.

The Opportunity of Shelter from the Storm

Even if it doesn’t rain a lot in your area, a business awning serves as a sign announcing your present when it’s dry. But when it does rain—and it will—an awning can provide shelter for foot traffic, which in turn encourages people to come in and visit your space.

It might seem like awnings are specifically suited to retail, but combining a little rain coverage with your business logo will work for any place of business that has an entry. Don’t forget to add some window lettering to your business so those waiting for a ride can find out what’s inside.

The Opportunity in the Waiting Room


For some businesses, customers spend the vast majority of time in the waiting room—it’s just the nature of things. Whether you’re a dental office, a legal firm, or any other business that deals with clients directly, your waiting room is your community center.

You should use it.

Digital displays and signs are ideal for waiting rooms and lobbies. In these settings, not only are business signs necessary for advertisement, but they can also give your clients vital information regarding your business, such as a directory or infographic. And if someone is thinking about hiring your services, a professional digital display that shows off your company’s previous work is the best sales pitch you can make.

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Are business signs necessary? If you want to make an impact, the answer is yes. For more information about the opportunities you can realize with signage, Request a quote with Sign It Quick today.


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