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Commercial Awnings: 8 Benefits for Your Business



“A rooflike shelter of canvas or other material extending over a doorway, from the top of a window, over a deck, etc., in order to provide protection, as from the sun.”

The dictionary might make an awning sound like a glorified umbrella. But you know better. You know that for a business, an awning isn’t just shelter from the rain. In the right context, an awning is shelter from the parade of unremarkable businesses that neighbor your space, helping your business to stand out.

Awnings Help You Stand Out Visually

If you lease a commercial space in a building that doesn’t separate your business from the other businesses in the same building, you have to take it upon yourself to stand out. An awning can serve as a three-dimensional canvas for your sign that visually separates your space from the rest.

Awnings Can “Expand” Your Space

If you want to utilize even more business space just outside of your doors (such as including a chalkboard sign out front), installing an awning gives you the shelter you need to use this space regularly.

Awnings Give People a Place to Gather

When it’s misty outside, even people who wouldn’t usually be customers can gather under awnings, where they’ll be able to read your window signs up close. True: awnings are more than just glorified umbrellas. But they do also serve as umbrellas, and people will use them that way.

Awnings Expand Your Visual Options

At Sign It Quick, we offer awnings in a range of colors. This allows you to determine your own canvas. For example, if your logo requires a red backdrop, you can use the awning to provide this backdrop and offer the consistent branding you need.

Awnings Draw the Eye

When someone drives by your business, what will they first look at? It’s difficult to look at your business space with an objective eye when you’ve seen it a thousand times yourself. But if you lack something that draws attention from the streets or sidewalk, an awning can fill that void for you.

Awnings Can Add More Lighting

Sign It Quick offers backlit awnings to ensure that you get the most from your commercial awning. With your awning working both day and night, you’ll expand the range of potential customers your business sees on a regular basis—and the range of customers who see your business.

Awnings Help Keep Your Space Clean

With awnings keeping the rain and snow out of your doors, you can keep your space clean with commercial awnings. It’s a much better option than simply keeping your doors at the mercy of the weather.

Awnings Say, “Welcome”

Maybe they don’t literally tell customers “welcome,” but commercial awnings project a sense of shelter and welcoming that works particularly great in businesses that require a personal touch.

If you’re interested in getting all of these benefits working for your business, simply request a quote from Sign It Quick.


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