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What Everyone But You Is Doing Wrong with their Signage—Right?

It’s been said that when your competition is making a mistake, don’t interrupt them. But it always helps to be conscious of what your competition is doing wrong with signage—especially if those insights can help you improve your signage marketing.

Ignoring Context

In signage, as in life, context is everything. You might think you have a spectacular sign. But if you were to put that sign out in the middle of Times Square, do you think you’d attract the kind of customers you were looking for? Of course not. The context would be changed—and your signage would need to change with it.

What your competition is doing wrong: they put out a sign and figure they’re done with the whole “signage marketing” thing. Over time, the context changes—a new season, a different location, etc.—and suddenly their old signs don’t draw the attention they once did.

Picking Colors They Like Over Colors that Work

If you owned a dentist’s office that catered to patients of all ages, does it make sense to use bold colors like pink and red, yellow and gold? Those colors might work in some businesses, but it won’t communicate the sense of serenity and professionalism that your office needs.

Believe it or not, the colors you choose say a lot about the type of business you are. And since first impressions are so critical, you’d be surprised at how many would-be clients and customers will judge your business simply by the quality of its signage. In other words, don’t pick colors because they look good: pick the colors that suit your business.

Neglecting to Use Space Properly

The signs you match to your business should reflect the physical space of your commercial layout. In other words, fit the sign to your location. If you don’t have a lot of landscaping, dimensional lettering can help you stand out instead. If half of your business occurs at night, an illuminated sign is a must-have.

Some businesses picture an imaginary, ideal time when their sign will look great. But they forget that many businesses work 8 hours of the day, if not more. That’s hour after hour of changing traffic patterns and shifting light. Make sure you know your space well before you make a decision on your signage.

Not Bringing in the Professionals

If you’re doing signing yourself, it can be very effective. This is especially true if you’re building temporary signage. But when it comes to signs that yield long-term results, it’s a good idea to call in the professionals.

Request A Quote

At Sign It Quick, we can help you create a sharp, high-contrast sign to make your business standout. But we can help you do more than that. We’re also interested in your sign’s context. We’re interested in your brand. We’re interested in the way you plan on marketing your business.

Put it all together and you’ll receive signage that outdoes the competition and even your own expectations. Request a quote for your next business signage project!


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