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Digital Printed Signs: Stretch Your Ad Dollar

You don’t have to oversee the office printer to know that ink is expensive. So when you hear a phrase like “Digital printed signs” for marketing, you want to know that your advertising budget is going as far as it can. Fortunately, digital printed signs are much more efficient than you might think—particularly if you keep these tips for stretching your ad dollar in mind.

Make the Colors Pop

Digital printed signs are accurate and crisp. That’s why it should “pop” when you see it in real life. If it’s not leaping off the page—or the billboard—then something is seriously wrong.

We recommend considering the color elements of your sign and paying attention to where the customer’s eye is drawn. This can be accomplished in any of the following ways:

  • A black and white background with a red foreground is sure to pop.
  • Make the most of your digital print signs by constructing an image that’s striking in its use of negative space.
  • Selective coloring. Which colors do you pair together, and where? Everything will have an impact on where your potential customers’ eyes are drawn.

If your colors don’t pop, the ad might not get seen enough. To stretch your ad dollar, “popping” is essential.

Send a Clear Message

Think about ads this way: back in the day, people had to send telegrams, often buying them by the letter. That meant short, Laconic messages were a necessity. What is the clearest message you can send about your company? If you’re still not sure, sit down for a brainstorming session. A “mind map” may be of additional help.

Your goal: come up with a basic sentence—or even a phrase—that describes what’s so valuable about what you’re selling. The shorter, the better. This doesn’t only save on your digital printing budget, but can even make the advertisement you’re printing that much more striking and effective.

Take Advantage of Digital Print Signs

Digital printing’s advantage is that it renders items in sharp and vivid detail. If you sell delicious sandwiches, digital printing can make them even more appetizing. Don’t say “we sell sandwiches!” but show what kind of mouth-watering sandwiches you create.

Digitally printed signs are meant for vivid and crisp pictures, which means you’ll want at least one visual element on your advertisement. Even if it’s as simple as one symbol like a cookie, it will go a long way in showing people what you can do. Even if you sell services instead of goods, there are ways to visually represent that fact. Keep looking around until you find something that can communicate what you offer.

Work With a Professional Signage Company

Most importantly, work with a signage company that you trust—one with a record of doing the right thing.

Request a quote with Sign It Quick to take full advantage of our digital print sign services. Your marketing dollar might just go much further than you ever thought it could.


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