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Digital Printing Tips to Revolutionize Your Marketing

Nothing offers clarity and boldness like digital printing. But unless you have the right tips to take advantage of digital printing’s crystal-clear imaging, your marketing won’t produce the dividends you’re after. Here are some essential digital printing tips to take your marketing efforts to the next level.

Give your audience a vivid experience.

Ever hear of the advice “show, don’t tell”? That’s what digital printing can do with ease. Since digital printing can be both colorful and vivid while also being precise, it makes a perfect demonstration of the quality of your goods. If you’re a restaurant, for example, giving people a full sense of the quality of the food they’ll enjoy is a great way to turn some hungry heads.

The vivid experience is just as important for other types of advertising. Maybe you want to show how great the luxury condominiums you’re building will look or show a happy client who’s consulted with your legal practice. No matter what line of work you’re in, digital printing is the best way to practice “show, don’t tell.”

Use a splash of color to capture attention.

One of the best ways to ensure that you grab attention is to use a white background with a splash of color in the foreground. This color can come from anything: a photograph of your product, a bold logo, etc. What’s important here is that you use the full range of digital printing to get your sign to stand out.

Explore the area surrounding where your sign will go to maximize this impact. For example, if your sign is going against a gray concrete background, bold colors like yellow or red will really stand out. If your logo is already gray, then think about other elements you can add to the sign to draw the eye.

Convey your information quickly.

Your sign should have a goal. It’s not enough to show a picture of your great product and hope people look you up. Instead, give your audience something to do. A phone number, a website, an arrow pointing out the direction of your business—whatever it is, there should be a definite “next step” once the sign has captured their attention.

Digital printing is especially good at conveying essential information because you can enjoy crisp, well-defined letters and numbers to express the essential information.

Tie your digital printing to your brand.

Do you have a recognizable logo? A color scheme your brand sticks to? If not, digital printing is a prime opportunity to tie visual cues to your brand.

Bold colors like yellow and red work great for food service, while “cooler” colors like blue convey professionalism and quality. Think about the colors you want to use and what they communicate about your brand. Then use digital printing to ensure those colors pop.

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