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How to Use Dimensional Lettering to Your Advantage

The world is in three dimensions. Why can’t your sign be the same? With dimensional lettering, you can use all three dimensions to enhance the visibility of your logo and ensure that people notice your business. When are the best opportunities to use dimensional lettering? Let’s take a look at a few scenarios.

Your Business is Surrounded by Other Businesses

Whether you’re in a plaza or simply downtown where the competition is fierce, the advantage of dimensional lettering is that it literally stands out. This helps “push” your sign visually, especially if other businesses in the area rely on flat signage or even window signage.

When you’re in competition for foot traffic and retail attention, dimensional lettering is just one element you can use to your advantage. But there are other things you can do as well—just consult our sign tips for more.

Your Business Needs a Professional Image

Dimensional lettering can create a tasteful contrast from the building you use. This is vital for attracting attention and for a professional-quality design that projects the right image to your potential customers. Although any business from sports studios to real estate agencies can utilize dimensional lettering, this comes down to a simple question: does your sign need an extra element given where you want to put it? Projecting your professionalism might not draw too many eyes from the road, but it will add to your credibility with new clients and customers.

Your Sign Isn’t Getting Seen from the Road

Using the element of contrast between letters and background is your first tool in crafting a sign that will enhance your visibility. But there’s more to contrast than just color.

This is especially important if you have your own land and need to be seen from the road. Rather than competing with other businesses for attention, you’re simply looking to announce your presence. Here’s what dimensional lettering can accomplish to enhance your roadside visibility:

  • Contrasting textures. When you need an extra element to add contrast and build visibility for your logo, contrasting textures will give your lettering that “pop.”
  • Natural shading effects. Designers often incorporate shading effects into their work. Why use that when you can have natural shading effects with dimensional lettering? Let the sun do the work for you, and your sign will look that much more credible.

Listing your business with a sign on the side of the road means you have important real estate. Don’t waste it with any old sign. Build the contrast with dimensional lettering and watch as more customers notice the difference.

Your Sign Needs More Life

Sometimes, you can’t put your finger on it, but your sign is falling—for lack of a better term—flat. If you want to give your sign more life, try dimensional lettering.

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