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Does My Business Need A Wood Sign?

At Sign It Quick, we’ve been in the custom sign industry for more than 35 years. This means we’ve not only accumulated three and a half decades’ worth of signage expertise, but we’ve also developed a deep knowledge of how specific signs can benefit particular businesses. Today we’re chatting about all things custom engraved wood signs, starting with why your business could benefit from these beautiful and rustic marketing tools.

Advantages of A Custom Wood Sign

  • Work well indoors: Cafes, restaurants, and smaller stores are a perfect place to showcase a custom wood sign’s rustic and homey aesthetic. They are also a warm touch in recreational and office spaces.
  • Gives your company a personal feel: A wooden sign gives off a personal feel with the homespun, hand-carved details.
  • Can show that your business is well-established: Can show that your business is well-established: Wood exudes timelessness, dependability, and longevity in a classic way. Posting how long you’ve been in business on a custom wood sign shows that you’re not new around here and don’t plan on going anywhere, either!
  • Great in non-business settings: Custom engraved wood signs also work well in non-commercial settings like guiding walkers on a garden path, directing attendees at an outdoor event, or decorating your home.

Care For A Custom Engraved Wood Sign

There are three surefire ways to waterproof your wooden signs long term:

  1. Use linseed or Tung oil to create a protective hand-rubbed finish.
  2. Seal the wood with a coating of lacquer, polyurethane, or varnish.
  3. Finish and waterproof wood simultaneously by applying a stain-sealant combo.

Types of Wooden Signs

  • Redwood: Redwood does not split, decay, or rot as easily as other types of wood. It is one of nature’s strongest woods and can be sawed and drilled with ease.

Additionally, many insects do not like to eat redwood. However, these pros also mean, yup, you guessed it, an increase in price. Redwood is one of the more expensive options..

  • Plywood: Plywood is made by gluing several layers of wood veneer together and alternating the direction of the grain, every other layer. Plywood is the least expensive option for creating custom wood signs.

Plywood is typically sanded down with an added, thin layer of fiberglass laminated over it to make it more durable. Your message is either painted onto the wood itself or the fiberglass sheeting.

  • Cedar: Cedar is a softer option in comparison to other woods and is more resistant to decay. This is because cedar wood has natural oils that repel moisture.

Cedarwood is in the median price range compared to other options for your custom engraved wooden sign.

How To Go About Selecting Features For Your Wood Sign Design

Choosing your company sign’s design features is a lot of pressure, right?

Sign It Quick makes it easy for you with our handy dandy file upload capability.

Perhaps you’ve seen a different sign you’re drawing inspiration from or have a photo, sketch, size, shape, color scheme, or font style in mind. Shoot your ideas over to us so that we can spin up a custom design for you.

Here are a few top-level requirements to consider to narrow down what design features will work best for your company.

Considerations And Questions For Narrowing Down Your Custom Wood Design Options

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Method of mounting
  • Location: Door, wall, overhead on a projecting bracket, on a large concrete base, or freestanding with posts?
  • What is the copy or text you want on it?
  • How large does the text need to be?
  • How far away will passersby be when they view it?
  • Will a single-faced sign meet your needs, or do you need a double-sized finish?
  • Do you plan to have art on the sign, and if so, will 2.5-D multi-level engraved or relief art be satisfactory?
  • Do you want to feature 3-D Bas-Relief?

Click here for additional sign tips from our trusty marketing and sign professionals.

Custom Wood Signs Can Have An Impact On Your Business

Sign It Quick offers an endless amount of opportunities to promote your business with eye-catching design. With locations in Charleston, Columbia, and Jacksonville, it’s our passion to help savvy business owners in the Southeast step up their marketing game.

Your logo is the heart and soul of your business. Your signage communicates your business’s logo and brand identity to the most important people: your customers and your prospective customers, with just a handful of words.

Standing out from the crowd and noise, while by no means an easy feat, is possible with the correct advertisement. Having marketing professionals by your side who study intentional design for a living may make the difference between 5 or 50 people seeing your business. Those numbers add up.

We appreciate the importance of design and get you your desired product on time and budget. We’ll help you show off your brand, attract customers, create lasting impressions, entice customers to come back, communicate your services and business, and impart a positive feeling when your company comes to mind.

The two most important qualities of successful signage should be:

  1. Differentiating your business
  2. Branding your business

Effective signage achieves both of these objectives simultaneously.

Characteristics Of Good Signage

  • Large in size so that the sign is easily spotted from a distance, even while drivingImpacting color that stands out from the background
  • Sleek, simple design so that it is easily distinguished and readable
  • Proper maintenance for effectivity
  • Sign depth and texture
  • Humor works well for making customers remember your company and prompt quick recall due to the memorability factor of your message
  • Go digital so that your messaging is delivered immediately with impact
  • Add lighting to stand out
  • Include graphics to make your sign more eye-catching, but don’t overdo it

Instances When Other Sign Options May Be More Appropriate Than Custom Wood Signs

Plastic exterior signs or metal signs are a better option if you are looking for…

  • Something bigger and more cost-effective in terms of size
  • More versatility as far as indoor and outdoor use and less susceptibility to the elements
  • Unaffected by water or moisture that would cause wood to rot
  • Will not need to worry about insects like carpenter ants or termites
  • More lightweight for installation and safety purposes
  • Less harm in case of damage or emergency
  • Less money to replace
  • Less maintenance. All you’ll need to do is clean from time to time

Backlit signs can be seen from a much greater distance if your business or organization will be open during nighttime hours

Not Sure What Type Of Sign Is Right For Your Biz? Sign It Quick’s Got You!

Here’s a comprehensive list of all of our sign offerings and solutions for your marketing needs.

Don’t wait; request a complimentary quote today, or call us directly so we can discuss your design preferences and requirements, make our suggestions, and culminate some gorgeous design proofs together as a team.

Together, we can put the simplicity, versatility, memorability, timelessness, and perfection back into the way your small business handles its advertising and marketing. The key is for your signs to not only look good, but also convert customers to ring in new business.

If you’re looking for a smaller, indoor sign, then wooden signs may be the rustic answer you’re looking for!


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