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Don’t Leave Potential Business In the Dark

Picture this: You are driving to meet a friend somewhere you have never been before. You don’t know where you are; it’s slightly remote and very dark outside. The only light you have is that of your car’s headlamps to guide you safely to where you are going. You slow down at every place you think might be where you need to be as you hold your breath, craning your neck, and squinting in the black to read. “Nope, not it.” “Next one, not it.” “Will the 13th try be the charm?”

And then you see it, like a beacon from above, a glowing lantern sent from the heavens is calling to you so that you know exactly where to turn at Ted’s Tacos. Hallelujah! Taco Tuesday shall not be ruined. You sigh in profound relief and breathe deeply, knowing that your taco date is still intact. You have just been saved by gloriously illuminated signage.

Creating a Clear Goal with Illuminated Signage

Have you ever been going somewhere in a strip mall, business center, or a building where the sign is recessed, tucked back from the road a little? It can be hard to find the place you are looking for. Or have you ever had to drive anywhere in the rain? Or, heaven forbid, the snow? It’s harder to see, isn’t it? When you have a lot to concentrate on already, easily recognizing your destination can give you peace of mind, enabling you to stay safely on the road.

Suppose any of these have been your personal experience. In that case, you will understand why it’s so important to offer your clients and customers the courtesy of illuminated signage, LED lights, illuminated signage letters, or digital signage at night.

Think of how many businesses with nighttime signage or illuminated signage letters you have passed in the dark made you think to yourself, “that’s where that is!”

When people don’t have to consult a map about where they want to go, you’ve simplified your relationship with them from the very beginning. This creates an invaluable first impression for your business.

Illuminated Signs Provide Clear Guidance

If you consider the last time that you drove past an emergency room or urgent care, they are unmistakable. Even from the highway nearby (or the air for that matter), you know where to find them.

Those big, bold letters reach out into the bleak night to offer hope. People don’t have time to think critically when dealing with emergencies, nor should they consult maps while driving. Emergency rooms ensure their signage is clear and visible.

So, why not your sign? You may not be treating the injured or ill, but readily giving people clear guidance on where to find you is greatly appreciated.

Whether you opt for illuminated signage, digital signage at night, LED lights, or illuminated letters at night, your customers and clients will recognize that you helped them safely get to where they wanted to be, or even better, where they needed to be.

Illuminated Signage Adds Another Layer of Security

One thing that prowlers agree on is that light is bad. “Don’t go into the light” is their motto.

With your illuminated sign or nighttime sign, the light can deter people from lurking in the dark, searching for an advantage. The more light outside and around your business at nighttime helps ensure safety and keep away the prowlers who avoid light like vampires at sunrise.

Remember, any light you shine makes their job harder while making the job of security much easier. With illuminated signage, security cameras can pick up more detail with added light sources in the dark if a crime were to be committed around your business or even in the parking lot.

See more about how we can help keep your business safe in all kinds of ways by checking out our safety signs.

Options for Illuminated Signs

If you are ready for us to light you up, contact us for a quote. Discover why Sign It Quick is your optimal choice for illuminated signage.

At Sign It Quick, we can help you explore which nighttime sign is going to work best for you. We have various options, from LED lights to illuminated signage letters to glow up your already exquisite sign. If you are considering illuminated signage at night, talk to one of our sign pros for a free consultation.

Don’t let the dark steal away your business. It’s time to shine your light!


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