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How Can Sandwich Signs Help Your Business?

What are sandwich signs?

Sandwich signs are an advertising tool that allows for two boards to either be carried by a person or set outside a store. The boards are hinged at the top, creating a “sandwich” effect. Sidewalk signs like these will enable people who drive or pass by to see your message or graphic on either side.

How can sandwich signs help your business?

Sandwich boards are sure to get ‘em in the door and work especially great as restaurant signs or retail signs. Custom sandwich signs allow you to invite your customers in with enticing, rotating menus or sale messages!

What options does Sign It Quick offer?

Consider the flexibility of being able to change your message at will. Our chalkboard and whiteboard sandwich signs allow you to do just that. Or would you prefer to have a printed poster that you attach to your sandwich board, which you can change out at will? Maybe you have a consistent message that you would like us to design and build for you, including your logo, your colors, and your message, with or without graphics. Just let us know what your goal is, and we’ll help you decide what works best for you. Outdoor sandwich board signs ensure your message won’t be missed!

Sign It Quick is your one-stop-shop for all of your custom made sign needs. Our design experts can help you affordably produce the custom signs, banners, and printing solutions you need to get noticed.

What elements should you consider for effective sandwich board design?

There are four main elements of effective design to keep in mind when creating custom sandwich signs and signs: visibility, readability, eye-catchability, and legibility.


Your sign’s size should be taken into account when deciding on the height of lettering. We recommend one inch of letter height per 10 feet of viewer distance.


Less is more in this case. Your Sign It Quick team will help you reach maximum readability for your custom sandwich sign by using larger, bolder letters, vivid colors, and enticing graphics.


The colors you choose for your sidewalk signs should contrast well against the environment you place it in. You want your message to stand out, not blend in!


Letter style plays a key role when it comes to legibility. Script lettering is going to be harder to make out from a distance.

What are some impactful uses of an effective sandwich board message?

Menus + Specials – Useful Information

Restaurants + retail stores commonly use sandwich boards for displaying daily specials or a sale that is specific to that given time. By writing a few options, you’re giving prospects a taste of what you can offer them before they even walk through your doors! This sways someone to take a look who may have otherwise just moseyed past.

Many bars, restaurants, and stores have recurring specials or store discounts, so this makes managing a sidewalk sign promotion easier (and more visible!) than trying to keep up with sending emails.

A custom sidewalk sign is a great option for this, especially if your handwriting would appear messy and doesn’t necessarily make the cut. A custom sidewalk sign gives YOU control over how you want the sign to look–the size, boldness, neatness, and straight nature of the text will make everything more visible to viewers.

For a more professional appearance, this is a great opportunity as well to brand your sign with a logo or graphics. Additionally, the appearance can be consistent with your other promotional displays for a united aesthetic to your brick and mortar.

Directional Cues – Guiding Your Customers

Local businesses operate in an array of types of neighborhoods. Your store could be located in a busy downtown, suburban, or even residential area. You may even be in a more rural area. If there’s one thing we know, it’s that business can prosper anywhere!

At times, rental or leased spaces aren’t always ideal. Guide your customers to your product with signage that lets them know you’re there, and you’ve got something they need. This could look like an arrow pointing in the direction of your space.

Since sandwich boards are lightweight and affordable, they can easily be placed virtually anywhere and can point right in the prospect’s line of sight. Pedestrians and motorists may not have a clear view of overhead signs; this helps them see your store.

Topical References – Show You’re Up-To-Date

You can take your wit one step further by adding references that have to do with things going on RIGHT NOW. Examples include pop culture, TV shows, music, movies, sports references, or news stories.

This humanizes your brand, while also showing your store is up-to-date, which will attract way more people than something that seems outdated.

Leveraging pop culture or current trends is a smart way to attract new business.

Events + Promotions – Generate Interest

Retailers can use custom-printed signs and letter boards to showcase their promotional pricing, store sales, limited time offers, and loyalty perks for customers.

By placing this key information outside, your business can generate interest by extending the reach of your campaign and make your business stand out.

When pushing a sale, it’s best to use large numbers and vibrant text. You want to catch people’s eyes no matter how far away they are.

Humor – Humanize Your Brand

Humor has played an increasingly vital role in advertising in recent years. Sandwich boards have definitely become hugely popular for this very reason.

You’ll commonly see a sandwich board set up with a funny, witty, or downright strange message to put someone’s mind in the “mood” for making a purchase. This lightweight effect is similar to how retail stores play upbeat music in the store. The serotonin boost from a fun message can make all the difference. Also, the viewer associates your brand with feeling good. That’s a hell of a strategy.

Think “laughter is the best medicine,” but instead, “laughter is the best advertising strategy.”

Who knows? Maybe your funny sidewalk sign could go viral! Now THAT’S great marketing and would be PHENOMENAL for exposure + visibility.


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