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How Dimensional Lettering Can Change Your Business

Do you have a need for a simple sign—say, stating the name of your business—but still want it to stand out? Then there’s only one option for you: Dimensional Lettering signage. You might not think simple lettering is enough to grab customer attention. You would be wrong. In fact, dimensional lettering can pack an attention-grabbing wallop when done the right way.

Dimensional Lettering Will Make Your Business Distinctive

Think about one of the most popular signs in the entire world, and you’ll see the impact dimensional lettering can have. To which sign are we referring? The Hollywood sign, of course.

There may be no sign in the world that’s as distinctive and memorable as the Hollywood sign. This uniqueness is largely due to the lettering: big, oddly-placed lettering that’s obvious in three different dimensions.

That’s what we want for your business: a distinctive, attention-grabbing sign that quite literally stands out from its surroundings in three dimensions. Sure, the Hollywood sign has the advantage of standing out because it’s placed against the wild backdrop of the Hollywood hills—you can’t miss it. But dimensional lettering is a way for your business to stand out just as well, especially if your backdrop is a parade of businesses with flat, two-dimensional lettering that grabs no attention whatsoever.

Dimensional Lettering Can Be a “Pattern Breaker”

One of the most powerful ways to get a sign noticed is to simply be a pattern breaker. Patterns help determine what grabs our attention, after all. Consider the context of a big, flashy sign in Las Vegas: when you’re strolling down the Strip, you hardly notice one sign over another one. They’re all big and they’re all flashy. Put any one of those signs in the middle of an unincorporated town, however, and it’s bound to be an attention-grabbing eyesore.

The pattern, or the context, of the surrounding signs is what helps you grab customer attention … or slink into the background if you fail to break this pattern.

The advantage of dimensional lettering is that it lets you break several patterns:

  • Two-dimensional signs nearby almost guarantee that your three-dimensional sign will garner some extra notice.
  • Clean, polished signage surrounding your own sign is an opportunity to go the “Hollywood” sign route and use offset dimensional lettering.
  • Natural landscape provides an easy contrast against your three-dimensional lettering; many businesses such as family farms utilize dimensional lettering to make their entrance easy to identify.
  • Location itself can be a pattern-breaker. Using three-dimensional lettering often highlights the fact that your sign is in an unusual, attention-getting location.

If your sign looks right but you still hear customers say that your location is difficult to find, it may be time to enter the third dimension. Request a Quote with Sign It Quick to change the way your signage looks—and the way you think about marketing your business.


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