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Illuminated Signs for Your Business

An illuminated sign doesn’t have to say “look at me” to grab attention. With a simple flip of a switch, it commands attention. But is an illuminated sign what your business needs to attract the right kind of attention? Let’s take a closer look.

Businesses that Get the Most Use from Illuminated Business Signs

The first step is to see if you’re the type of small business or organization that gets the most value from their illuminated signs. These businesses include:

  • Late-night restaurants
  • Banks with ATMs that run all night
  • Any service that runs after business hours, including counseling, auto body work, and more
  • Bars and cafes
  • All-night government services like police stations or fire departments

You don’t have to be an “all-night” business to get the most from your illuminated signs—sometimes, you may simply want people to see your sign past business hours. But if you’re open all night long, an illuminated sign is likely a “must.”

Common Goals with Illuminated Business Signs

Even if you don’t see your business type on the list above, you might share the same goals as other businesses that benefit from illuminated signs. For instance, illuminated signs can help you:

  • Grab attention, even late at night. This is especially true if there are no other illuminated signs in the area.
  • Draw traffic toward your storefront by showing people where to park or where to walk.
  • Show that you’re open. Some people feel the need to be truly told that you’re open before they drive off looking for a competitor. An illuminated “Open” sign is the best way to ensure people see it.

If you want your business signage to accomplish any of those goals, then there’s a good chance an illuminated sign is the right choice for you.

Check Your Space for Illuminated Business Sign Potential

You might have checked off all the boxes so far, but if you don’t have the space to host an illuminated business sign, you may not qualify. Generally, an illuminated sign will take more space than business signs of other types because of the hardware involved. It’s not just wiring. You’ll want a solid structure that can handle all the requirements of late-night illumination.

The good news? You don’t need a major parcel of land next to busy intersections to justify this effective business signage. Instead, you simply need a good amount of clear space that you have the rights to—then, a company like Sign It Quick can do the rest.

If you’re interested in an illuminated business sign, simply Request a Quote with Sign It Quick to find out what it might cost to put one up in your space. We’ll be glad to offer our experience in the consultation, offering further advice to get the most out of your signage marketing.


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