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Make a Business Sign That Stands Out

A sign is a sign, right? Of course not. Effective marketers know that there’s a lot more to making a business sign than simply putting up a few words and expecting customers to figure the rest out. If you’re going to get the most from your business sign, you’re going to need to stand out. Here are six ways to make your business sign stand out.

Make a business sign with contrasting colors.

Ever wonder why the signage in Las Vegas is so extreme? It has to do with their zoning laws, of course, but don’t forget that these signs are competing with each other. Try and stand out in Las Vegas and you need to make a pretty special business sign.

No matter where your business is located, you likely need more color contrast than you think. You don’t have to go full “neon casino sign,” but adding a pop of color to an otherwise drab business sign can have a dramatic visual effect. Learn to examine the context of your sign and find ways to visually stand out.

Make a business sign with contrasting textures.

It’s not just color that allows your business sign to stand out visually. Texture itself—in the form of Dimensional Lettering—allows your sign to quite literally stand out from the background. This is especially important if your signage is limited to commercial spaces that don’t provide a lot of opportunity for uniqueness or creativity.

If you have a store that’s near a lot of other stores—such as in a shopping mall or strip mall—simply changing up the dimensional appearance of your business sign can go a long way in adding credibility and distinction to your signage and even your brand’s logo. Raise the letters out and watch how many more eyes you draw.

Try a new location.

If you have the freedom to move your business sign, a new location can be a tremendous way to get “outside the box” and make people think about what they’re seeing. Many business yard signs are portable and easy to move. Just remember to ask the company making your business signs for portability specifically if you want to have that option.

Offer your customers something fresh.

Point of sale signs are often effective because, well, they’re placed at the point of sale. But that’s not the only story. Point of sales also offer customers exactly what they need: a quick impulse buy. Make a business sign that promises convenience, and you can bring in more customers who might be inclined to stick around once they see what you have to offer.

Repeat yourself.

Some business signs create contrast by being the lone message in a swamp of messages. But repetition can be just as effective when done the right way. Try making three business signs, for example, that work together to complete a single sentence. It’s a unique way to bring a message to a customer—and, in the end, standing out will get your message heard.

Make a Business Sign with Professional Assistance

Interested in making a business sign that gets noticed more often? Simply request a quote with Sign It Quick to take advantage of all the tips you see here.


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