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Counterintuitive Marketing Signage Strategies

You’ve done everything “right,” and yet your sign isn’t attracting any business. What went wrong? Chances are, you’ve missed some counterintuitive truths about marketing signage. We’re here to give you the scoop so your next sign can be more effective.

Avoid Modest Marketing Signage

When you’re in a respectable profession, it’s tempting to create a modest sign that doesn’t really stand out from the crowd. Rather than strike a unique note with your sign, you’re content to simply make it a “business card” of sorts. In this case, your sign is demonstrative of your professionalism, but unfortunately little else.

Sometimes, even in the most respectable professions out there, you have to be willing to get a little creative. This isn’t to say that a dentist should have a light-up sign like a casino pointing the way to their parking lot. When creating a marketing sign that’s meant to demonstrate your professionalism, consider the following services:

  • Sandblasted signs demonstrate a commitment to quality while still striking a strong visual note.
  • Illuminated signs help you garner more attention at night without going the route of the neon Vegas-style sign.
  • Banners are great for single promotions in which you want to grab attention but still want to strike the look of a business that knows what it’s doing.

Avoid Complex Marketing Signage

Clarity. Does your sign have it? Most people associate the word “clarity” with “specificity.” But they’re not one in the same. Consider some of the most famous slogans out there. They’re not very specific, but they’re still clear enough that you remember exactly which companies they’re associated with.

You should think in the same terms when it comes to your own signage marketing. Rather than give away the entire menu, it’s much better to advertise “Special – Steak dinner $10.” That’s a compelling advertisement that will attract people who are looking for exactly that kind of meal. Give away the whole menu, however, and people will walk away before they even read about the special.

Clarity is achieved when you can craft a sign that finds your target audience and delivers a concise message as quickly as possible. Think about what your potential customers might want and then boil that message down to its essence. If you offer a range of products and service, consider creating a sign for each, to be placed in targeted areas for those specific offerings.

Create Strategic Opportunities With Your Signage

Conventional wisdom says that your customer is finished with you the instant you make the sale. Yet our point of sale signs are so effective because the opposite is true. The point of sale provides a great opportunity to grab your customer’s full attention.

Some restaurants have you drop in business cards and sign up for newsletters in order to enter contests. This is a great way to add marketing on top of marketing, retaining more of your customers in the long-run so you can keep inviting them back in.

What are you missing at the point of sale—and what can you do to keep customers coming back in?

Request a quote from Sign It Quick today. We’ll help you come up with great ideas and produce exceptional signs to draw in customers.


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