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Drive Impulse Sales With Point Of Purchase Displays

A full-time salesperson is an expensive investment. But a sign that can continually make sales without asking for a commission? That’s a different prospect entirely. But it’s what you can expect with an effective Point Of Purchase Display.

Simply ordering a point of purchase display, however, isn’t enough. You need to devise a strategy and powerful design necessary to make those impulse sales you’re currently missing. Here’s how to do it.

Your Point of Purchase Display Shouldn’t “Fit In”

As helpful as it might be for branding purposes to have everything in your retail space the same color, you should throw that out the window when designing a point of sale sign. This sign needs to stand out and draw attention to itself. That means effective contrasting.

The most obvious way to do this is with colors—light colors on a dark background, for example. But you can also do it through the design of the sign itself, incorporating an interesting shape near the register so that it “pops.”

Don’t Ask for Too Much

When someone has already brought a few T-Shirts to buy from you, you’re not automatically going to make new sales by pushing a whole new set of clothing at the point of sale. The reason grocery stores put impulse purchases near the point of sale is that they’re small, easy decisions—ones that customers readily make.

You should follow the same basic strategy. Even if you work in a high-end business, you might want to include something low-commitment at the point of sale. For example, having customers sign up for a store card is a great way to encourage repeat business without asking them to pull some more money out of their wallet. The point of sale is all about capturing customers’ attention. Don’t push them away with sales that ask for too much.

Make Your Offers Temporary

“Scarcity” is a great way to encourage sales. This refers to the idea that what you’re selling is temporary, or low on supply. That’s why you see so many “limited time offers” from retail outlets. It’s simply an effective way to move merchandise.

You can use temporary or custom banners at the point of sale to run limited time offers as well. The key here is to make sure they’re actually limited time offers. Otherwise you could quickly become the “store that cried wolf.”

Get Visual

One of the best ways to push the impulse sale is to show an end-result. Someone happily enjoying your food product, for example. These visuals might not seem like much, but they have a way of drawing the eye that’s particularly important in retail or food service settings. Try to incorporate a visual element that takes your Point of Sale sign beyond words.

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