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Professional Business Sign Design Tips

You might have put a lot of thought and effort into your logo. But it’s the sign that people will see. An ordinary sign only gets you ordinary results. If you want a sign that makes your customers pay attention, be sure to follow these professional business sign design tips.

Make your colors more vibrant and interesting.

There’s nothing that will make a business sign “pop” like color. It’s the reason the bold red-and-white design of the stop sign is so obvious on the sign side of the road: it contrast with the surrounding environment, and the color itself is bold.

Use this same principle to make your own advertising more vivid. The best way to do this is with Digital Printing. Digital printing gives you full access to the color spectrum and ensures that whatever image you need printed comes through with total clarity. Or you could try more artistic effects that make your professional business sign just as compelling.

Only one question remains: what visual element on your sign should be printed in full and vivid color? It depends on your business. It might be an artistic rendering of architecture, a mouth-watering image of the food your serve, or even something as simple as bold lettering on a clear background. Whatever your choice, the artistic use of color will always work to your advantage.

Survey your background first.

Like a land surveyor first getting the lay of the terrain, you should take stock of your sign’s surroundings. When people drive by it, will it be surrounded with grass? Or is it merely another sign in a town full of signs? Get an idea of your background before you begin your business sign design: then, you can incorporate elements on your sign that directly contrast with these colors (in a good way).

You may find that even a simple border around your sign is enough to spice it up. Consider those films with subtitles made of only white: when they’re placed against a white background, they’re unreadable. Surround that font with a black outline, however, and it’s readable against any color.

The same principles hold up for your signage. There is always a way for you to incorporate visual elements that contrast with the surroundings. You just have to know your surroundings first. (Hint: see our signage tips for more about color contrasting.)

Give your business sign some texture.

If you’ve incorporated everything you read above but you still find your sign doesn’t have the right feel, you might be ignoring the third dimension: texture. Consider how dimensional lettering or a sandblasted sign looks in comparison with 2-D signs. They quite literally stick out from the crowd.

The result of added texture: more professionalism, more notice from your target audience, and a sign that adds visual heft to your brand.

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