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How To Promote A Fundraiser – Get More Out Of Your Promotions

You might know a lot about generating business for your company, but what if your goal is different than simply marketing your services? What if you’re promoting an event to raise money for a cause? How do you make the most of your strategy and efforts to promote your fundraiser?

At Sign It Quick, we are pros at helping people explore various event promotion strategies.

Promoting fundraisers is about expertly grabbing attention and fostering feelings of investment. Simple fundraising signs and small promotional products can be a great way to kick off your fundraising efforts.

Rather than sending an email through your regular marketing channels or simply sharing updates or a tweet or two and hoping for the best, we want to help you explore other strategies.

Simply sharing a donation page, donation button, or an event page with the details of your event has the right intention behind it, but all of which are efforts that often go easily overlooked by the public.

Our fundraising products—specifically designed for your local event—can offer an instant boost when meeting your goals.

We’ve created this guide to explain everything you need to know about getting more out of your next fundraiser promotion, and learning how to spread the word to your target audience, all translating to more potential donors.

Start With Attention

In any effective sales process, your primary objective is to garner the proper attention from your target audience. You have to cut through the noise and reach out to people in a way that attracts them long enough to hear your pitch.

How do you get that kind of attention? 

An effective fundraising sign is noticeable; It should be distinct from its surrounding environment. This is why signs that promote fundraisers can often go bigger and be more unusual than traditional signs—they’re usually temporary signs for special fundraising events, which suggests to people that the sign will be there for a limited time.

The lesson here? Don’t be afraid to go big and bold with your next fundraising sign.

Fundraising event signage also frequently includes a call to action. In short, it informs people of the desired action, i.e., how to best help you and your efforts succeed in reaching your goals.

So don’t be afraid to list your call to action on your bold, beautiful sign!

Getting People Invested

The hallmark of a successful strategy for effectively promoting fundraisers is that it reaches out and aspires to get people involved. At Sign It Quick, we offer sandblasted, engraved bricks and marble specifically for this purpose.

What’s unique about these products? They can be engraved with specific names, marking the donations and contributions of those who wanted to have something to do with the fundraiser. This is a great way to get people invested.

If you’re building a new space, you can utilize bricks with specific names in that space, which gives people a visible, tangible reward for their donations. These bricks could be sold for a fixed price or used as auction items to raise the most money possible per brick.

This hits on a key point: if you’re going to learn how to promote fundraisers, you need to attract attention and inspire the feeling that everyone is contributing. After you’ve already attracted people to your cause, promoting the idea of the “buy-in” is critical to the fundraising process.

Go Beyond the Signs

Although signs are some of the best ways to generate buzz for your fundraising efforts, you can go beyond signs to attract attention.

The fundraising efforts here at Sign It Quick include advertising specialty products like frisbees, paddles, and straws, plus many other fun items that people love to pick up. These items can quickly spread your message through word of mouth.

But what is perhaps the most crucial element of these fundraising accessories? They draw people in. Free offerings to passersby and potential donors help draw people in and make them amenable to hearing your pitch.

Don’t forget that children love to engage with free materials. Your interaction might plant a seed for a future passion within your cause. With free offerings, you never know when you are reaching the hearts of little ones who will be the face of your future fundraisers (and the price is right for mom and dad!)

With family-friendly fundraising accessories, you create the opportunity for an exchange, creating space for your efforts to be heard and absorbed.

Kickstart Your Next Effort

Are you looking to promote fundraisers but aren’t sure where to start? What do you do first? Should you contact local media outlets, send a press release, or begin with an event page? Or should you address your signage and fundraising specialty products first? We can help you chart a path!

Gain some guidance by getting in touch with us at Sign It Quick and requesting a quote. We’ll tell you about our fundraising products and how to promote fundraisers with maximum impact.


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