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Three Creative Sign Design Tips to Attract Attention

If yours was the only sign on the block, you’d have no problem attracting attention. Simply put up your business name and hang out the sign. But chances are you’re not the only sign on the block. You’ve got competitors—not just direct business competitors, but other businesses looking to capture attention before you do. That’s why it pays to get creative. We have a few sign design tips to help you ensure your signs get the attention they deserve.

Go Bigger Than You Think—With Fewer Words

When you create a sign from scratch, it’s tempting to want to publish all of the information you can. Don’t do it this way. Instead, think like a Spartan.

Why a Spartan? Because the ancient Spartans were the source of what is today called “Laconic wit.” Simply put, they never used more words than was necessary. Their version of creativity was raw efficiency combined with bold action.

Your sign should work the same way. McDonald’s did this with a “Wi-Fries” ad. They used their signature bold red look and arranged a photograph of fries that resembled the logo for a WiFi signal. Message received. You can be sure this advertisement generated notice wherever it was put. That use of negative space separated their message from the competition—and there’s no reason your sign can’t do that just as effectively.

Create An Unusual Visual Image

Another reason that ad worked? It used old, recognizable images—french fries—and put them in a new situation. Our sign design tip for you? What, in your business, could be used the same way? Take some time to think if there is an unusual visual image that will catch people off guard, yet communicate your message effectively.

This might require some brainstorming on your part. But brainstorming can be the key to a sign’s effectiveness. It’s not enough to post up a few words and hope for the best. Try to find something unique about your sign that goes against what’s usually expected from a business type. But be careful. Going too far off the beaten path can also turn customers away.

Establish A Pattern, Then Break It

Gaining attention isn’t about fulfilling the expected patterns in your audience’s minds. It’s about breaking that pattern. The pattern-breakers are what earn their attention, which in turn directs more people to your business.

How do you achieve this with signage? Play with the visual patterns that dominate your industry. For example, if a certain type of color is typical of that industry, try a sign that breaks the mold with a completely unique color. The visual impression will be both immediate and lasting.

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We hope these sign design tips are helpful for you. We can’t tell you what creative ideas will work best for your specific business. But we can help you craft the creative signage you need to attract the customers your business deserves. Ready for a great business sign?

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