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Sign Marketing: 5 Things Local Sign People Won’t Say

Signage can help tremendously with your business goals, but it is important to make sure your signage and marketing efforts are effective and successful. Here are 5 things to remember in regards to sign marketing for your business.

1. You can’t expect to attract attention without being attention-seeking.

Sometimes, it’s true: a business will generate buzz without overtly seeking it. But we only tend to see the businesses that do generate buzz without seeking it; we don’t see the thousands of businesses destined for obscurity because they fail to make marketing a priority.

Your sign shouldn’t just be a demonstration of basic information. It should also function as an attention-grabber, something that demonstrates to your customers that you know what you’re doing and that you’re worth checking out. If your signage company can’t provide that for you, maybe it’s time to move on to one that will.

2. People will only read about one or two things.

This is something that signage people don’t want you to know because it’s better for them if they can convince you to buy a lot of items you don’t need. The truth is, the ideal sign is actually very simple:  it should demonstrate who you are, what you do, and how your customer can take the next step. that’s it. It does need to grab attention while doing these three things, but the more complicated your sign gets, the less likely it is that someone’s going to read it.

Remember that your signage will only communicate one or two things to most people, and ask yourself this: if you could tell people only one or two things about your business, what would they be?

3. Customers assume a lot about your business based on your sign.

Most signage companies will tell you that you can buy any old sign from them. Sure, they might try to upsell you, but ultimately, they’re glad to have your money for any sign you purchase. We at Sign It Quick focus on what your sign says about your business, going a step beyond the usual signage M.O. Consider what a Sandblasted Sign might do to reflect on your business, for example. Is that different than a business yard sign? You bet it is.

4. Signage isn’t enough.

If a signage companies offers signage, they’re happy to take your money, sell you a product, and go about their day. That’s fine. But if they’re genuinely interested in how your sign helps you generate business, they need to go a step beyond. That’s what Sign It Quick does—we take the extra step of looking at your marketing practices and blend our signs in with what works for your company.

5. Customization is overrated.

Any old signage company can customize a sign for you. What matters is experience. What matters is talent. And what matters is the knowledge of how signage really works in the psychology of the customer.

At Sign It Quick, we make sure to place an emphasis on marketing as well as the quality of our signage. If that sounds like the combination you’ve been missing, perhaps it’s time to Request a Quote with us and see if your marketing couldn’t be improved.


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