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Signage Advertising As A Long-Term Investment

When you move dollars out of your company’s budget and into marketing, you want some reassurance that you’re spending those dollars wisely. You don’t want to throw them away on ineffective signage advertising that no one will look at. That’s why it’s important to view signage in its proper context. A short-term business yard sign can be a great way to boost immediate sales. But you also have to think about signs as long-term investments. Even seasonal signs can be reused over and over again to boost your business when it needs extra attention. Here’s why signage works as an essential part of your long-term marketing investments.

Return on Investment From Signage Advertising

Signage is expanding because businesses are seeing a return on their investments. Market Watch, an online financial reporting website wrote in November of 2019 that the digital signage market is expected to reach a capital annual growth rate of 6.73%. This puts projections for the value of the industry at 5.07 Billion by 2023.

When you buy a digital sign, you don’t have to worry that your sign will be out of date in a year. You can simply change the information displayed on the sign to suit the occasion. Any changes to your business can be updated quickly and easily—which means the amount of money you invested in your sign at the very start of the process won’t increase. You can use that same sign over and over again. The result? More return on investment.

Investing in Your Brand

A sign is more than an advertisement. It’s also a way to help build your brand. For example, if you want to announce your presence to the community, a bold, colorful sign is a sure way to grab attention. You can create intrigue over a new commercial property or simply introduce the idea of delicious baked goods once your new bakery is open.

It doesn’t matter what your brand is—if you have a brand and you want people to know about it, a sign can be one of the most powerful ways to invest in that brand. Brands tend to be visual. The biggest brands in the world have simple and instantly recognizable logos. Signage advertising is one of the best ways to give people the visual reminders that you’re open for business.

Long-Term Quality

If you buy an advertisement in a newspaper, or online, that’s great. You can find all sorts of business in either medium. But what happens when you stop paying for those ad placements? The ads disappear. The investment was short-term.

Signs, on the other hand, are single purchases that operate much like subscriptions. You can use them every day if you have a good place to show them off. For example, a point of sale sign doesn’t even require that you keep the sign outside—you can use it within your own business.

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