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Signage Marketing: What Not To Do

Have you ever encountered a sign that made you actively want to avoid a business?

Believe it or not, it happens. It’s usually the result of conflicting messages and too much complexity. Here’s what you need to know in order to ensure it never happens to your business.

Stop the Conflicting Messages

Think about the “Stop” sign for a moment. There’s nothing about the stop sign that is incongruous with the message of “Stop!” The color is red and bold. There’s no extra information other than the command for the driver to stop. And it’s placed precisely where you need to stop.

Now look at your own sign. Is it as simple as it could be? If not, where are the conflicting messages? These might include:

  • Colors that don’t make sense given your message or market. Red is traditionally associated with emergencies and food. Blue gives a sense of calm and peace. What are your colors saying about your business? Are you using too many colors?
  • Too much information. Do you want your customer to sit and read your sign, or do you want them to enter your business? Provide just what you need to hook a potential customer. The goal for your sign is to open a conversation, not to drag it out.
  • Asking the customer to do too much. Don’t ask a customer to visit your store and call you up. In Barry Schwartz’s book The Paradox of Choice, he finds that making sales requires a single, direct option. The more conflicting the messages are on your sign, the more choices you give your customer—increasing their worry that they’re making the wrong choice.

Don’t Be too Complex with Your Signage Marketing

It’s a mistake to believe a sign can do a million things at once. Some small business owners expect their sign to attract attention, qualify the sale, and show the customers where to go all at once. But it’s just a sign. It really has one mission: gain potential customers’ attention.

Whittle your signage down into one core message. Ask yourself this: “If I could convince my customers of one thing, what would it be?” Then make that message the mission of your sign.

Find the Appropriate Signage Style for Your Brand

Check out all of our signage services—there you’ll see digital displays, fundraising signs, illuminated signs, and dozens of other options for your signage.

Which one best fits your brand and your message? Only you can really say that for sure. What’s important is that you match your business to the appropriate style of sign. For example, a plumbing business will likely do best with vehicle wraps and graphics because of how often your service van gets seen. Meanwhile, a law firm may perform better with a business yard sign.

An Experienced Charleston Sign Shop Can Help

If you don’t want to turn customers away, make sure that your sign matches your message. To ensure that happens, request a quote from Sign It Quick, and take advantage of their years of experience creating signs to fit any need.


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