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Street Sign Ideas for Your Business

In the world of real estate, there’s nothing so important as “location, location, location.” It’s not too different for signage. Having access to a street with lots of traffic is a unique opportunity that no business should take lightly. But how do you make the most of your street access, and what message should you show to the world? Here are some street sign ideas to help you get the most value out of your space.

Keeping Your Message Simple

Take out an ad in a newspaper will allow you to have hundreds of words to work with. On the street, however, things are different. Cars are moving, people are walking, and only a select few are giving your sign the time of day. You have to make the most of it.

Consider an ad for “McDonald’s” that used a sundial-like contraption to put a shadow on a specific product. The message is clever and inventive, but the message is simple: it’s time to come in and buy a snack.

What does your sign say? If you can’t boil it down to a simple sentence first, then you’re not yet ready to create a street sign.

Strike a Unique and Attention-Grabbing Tone

An advertisement for “Bic” razors once incorporated the nearby grass to show what a clean shave looks like. That was it: no words, no slogans, just a simple message that demonstrated what “Bic” razors could do to keep you groomed.

If you want your street sign to generate buzz, then you’re going to have to find an idea that’s just as visually striking. It may vary from business to business. But ask yourself how your unique message can truly “pop” from its medium, even if it’s as simple as building a three-dimensional barber’s pole for a barbershop sign. The more striking your message is, the more likely it is to attract attention and, therefore, business.

Create an Unexpected Twist on the Expected

Many of us are used to those speed limit signs that track our speed as we drive by. But when one sign added “…days in hospital bed” to the speeding sign, it raised a few eyebrows. Suddenly the same old speed limit idea had an even deeper message—simply by adding one sentence.

Although you might know what’s unique about your business, chances are that no one on the street is going to know unless you can demonstrate it to them with a great street sign idea.

Take a look at signs around your business and ask yourself what they all have in common—in other words, the “pattern” that your sign can interrupt. Can you go bigger with your sign? More colorful? Use fewer words? Every element matters.

Get More Sign Ideas and Produce a Great Sign

If you want more information on what it takes to produce a quality sign, request a quote with Sign It Quick. We go past the usual sign construction methods to ask your brand what will really generate interest and give your business the boost it needs from its street side location.


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