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Ten Reasons a Sign Might Be Your Best Marketing Investment

There’s a reason you see signs everywhere you go. Businesses all over the world know the value of a good sign to attract business and create new customers. Here are ten reasons why a sign could be your best marketing investment.

#1. A Sign Works—Even When You’re Closed

The best marketing is that which doesn’t require your constant presence. And unless you can expand your brand’s presence without having to work 24 hours a day, you can’t ever expect true business growth. Two types of signs are especially adept at working overtime for your business:

#2. Signs Prevent Customer Loss

Simply identifying yourself with a built-in architectural sign can be enough to keep customers flowing toward your parking lot.

#3. Signs Squeeze More Value Out of Fundraisers

Ever see a sign where a “thermometer” measured the success of a fundraiser? You’d be surprised just how many more people get invested in the success of a fundraising project just because they want to see the mercury rise. The simple conclusion: fundraising signs are a great way to get people invested in your cause.

#4. Signs Last Well Beyond the Initial Investment

Even if you’re unsure about investing in a seasonal sign, consider this: you can continue to use the sign in future seasons without having to pay extra for design and development. As long as you invest in a sturdy sign, you can count on that sign’s service for years to come.

#5. Signs Get You Noticed at Trade Shows

Trade shows are expensive—you need to get the most return on your investment possible. One of the best ways to ensure you stand out is a unique, creative trade show display.

#6. Signs Make Their Own Sales at the Point of Sale

You don’t have to say another word if you work in retail—simply add a point of sale sign with a unique selling point, and watch the customers make their own buying decisions.

#7. Signs Save You Time

When a sign displays all of the information you would usually spend hours upon hours explaining to different customers, your time is free to spend on more important aspects of the business.

#8. Signs Attract Special Attention

This is especially true with banners for unique events and ceremonies. If you want to attract foot traffic, it’s important to let people know that there’s something worth checking out.

#9. Signs Add Presence to Your Space

If you rent retail space in a strip mall or similar location where you look like every other business on the lot, you can stand out with a strategy like dimensional lettering.

#10. Signs Sometimes Make their Own Sales

If you can acquire a quality sign that sometimes “pre-sells” a customer before they walk in your door, then that’s like having another salesperson working for you—for free.

Ready to make a great marketing investment? Request a Quote with Sign It Quick. We’ll help you get the best sign for your unique business needs.


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