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Three Ways to Increase Business with Your Signs

You shelled out the dough, you printed in big bold letters, and you planted the sign right where you thought customers would notice it. So why aren’t any potential leads saying a word about your sign—and how come you aren’t driving any new customers into your business? Here are three ways to up your traffic with your sign.

Don’t go with the crowd.

Maybe you did do it right. Maybe you paid attention to contrasted lettering. Maybe you shelled out some extra money to ensure that your raised lettering would garner extra customer attention. Maybe your sign is perfectly high-quality. And maybe everyone else on the block had the exact same idea as you.

It’s one thing to have a big, bold sign. But plop your sign right smack dab in the middle of Las Vegas and you’ll get lost in the noise. If your sign is lost in the noise of other quality signs in the area, it’s time to think outside the box:

  • What can you do to differentiate your sign?
  • What unique offering does your business bring to the table?
  • Why should a customer offer you five seconds of their attention?

Until you can answer these questions, you’re not ready for the sign to go up yet.

Offer a reason to visit your business.

Frank AuCoin, founder of Sign It Quick, offers some tried and true wisdom on marketing signage: “People are just like insects. They’re attracted to lights, they’re attracted to food, they’re attracted to drink, they’re attracted to smell, they’re attracted to noise, they’re attracted to people moving around.”

If you don’t offer some sort of experience to your customers—and if that doesn’t come across in your sign—then why should you expect that they’ll take your sign’s word for it? You have to make it clear that your place of business is also a place to be, period. You can add to the activity with sales, contests, events, and much more.

Make more “mental deposits.”

When you interact with someone, as Frank AuCoin likes to put it, you’re either making a mental deposit or a mental withdrawal. In other words, you’re either making people feel good about themselves or bad about themselves.

Ask yourself these questions: What about your sign offers something to people that they can feel good about? What about your sign says that your customers will have a better day because they came to buy something from you?

If your sign has nothing to convey but the most basic of information, then you can’t expect a lot of comments from customers who were convinced by your sign. But if your sign gives them a reason to feel good about working with you, every once in a while, a customer will let you know the exact reason they sought you out. Your sign.

Want to know how to use your sign to help grow your business? It’s time to request a quote with Sign It Quick and discover how to unleash your own signage marketing.


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