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8 Amazing Trade Show Display Ideas


If you’ve invested the time and money required to land a prime spot at a trade show, then you know just how important your trade show display will be. You need to acquire leads, attract people to your business, and dazzle everyone who stops by with the quality of your offerings. To help you accomplish that, here are eight amazing trade show display ideas to draw more attention.

At Sign It Quick, we offer custom trade show displays that utilize best practices for trade show marketing. Here is our best advice.

Study trade show display ideas that have worked in the past.

Even if this is your first trade show, you can improve your odds of attracting leads significantly if you learn the lessons of marketing experts who have been there before. Try to find out what competitors have done in the past, and be sure to take plenty of pictures at your next event!

Build your trade show experience from the customer’s perspective.

If you knew nothing about your company but wanted a dazzling experience at a trade show, what would you look for? Don’t expect potential customers do the work for you. Attract them by first brainstorming ideas from their point of view.

Location, location, location.

Premium trade show booth locations may be expensive, but for good reason. They draw traffic. Combine that traffic boost with a high quality trade show display, and you’re sure to benefit from a healthy number of quality leads.

Think colorful.

You’re going to be in a highly competitive environment at a trade show—and that’s just when it comes to the visuals. If your trade show booth looks drab and dull, it’s really going to stand out from the rest of the exhibits—but not in a good way.

Give people something to do or see.

A poor trade show booth is one in which you sit down and wait for people to ask questions. Instead, give them something to do, even if your host is occupied with answering questions elsewhere. This can include giving out free samples of a product or even signing up to a contest.

Give something out for free.

Even if you have something as simple as a cooler full of free water bottles, refreshments are always appreciated—and they give people a reason to flock to your booth. Any way you can bring them in is beneficial to you. Spark their attention, then start a conversation.

Promote your trade show booth online.

Increase your chances of reaching your target audience. Send out Tweets, upload photos to Facebook, and otherwise promote your trade show attendance using the relevant hashtags of the event. This helps people searching for your specific convention see what they may be missing.

Work with an expert.

Finally, if you want the best from your trade show display, Request a Quote from Sign It Quick. Our experienced team can help you create a stunning display that’s sure to attract the right kind of attention.


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