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Vehicle Wraps & Vehicle Graphics: Get Seen by Millions

If you tell most business owners that they can get their business seen by millions of people every year, they’ll wonder if you have some advertising time in the Super Bowl to sell them… But you don’t have to have a Super Bowl ad budget to get your message seen by millions.

With Vehicle Wraps and Vehicle Graphics, you can easily take advantage of the fact that the average vehicle on our nation’s roads will get seen some 17-20 million times every single year! But as you know, visibility isn’t the only aspect of a solid marketing plan. You’ll want to get the right vehicle or car advertising that best suits your brand and message. Here’s a quick guide to vehicle wraps and vehicle graphics.

Vehicle Advertising Options

You have a number of options to find the right vehicle wraps or custom graphics to best represent your business:

  • Vehicle Decals and Car Wraps. The best way to grab attention: wrap your car up from head-to-toe and really stand out from the crowd. All you need is a simple name, logo and slogan, and you’re ready to take advantage of your automobile’s free advertising space.
  • Window Perf. You can add graphics even on your windows with the right technology—Sign It Quick offers Window Perf that allows passengers and drivers to see out each window from the inside while the window is 100% advertising from the outside.
  • Vehicle magnets. You don’t have to have a dedicated van or “Business-mobile” in order to utilize these advertisements. Vehicle magnetics allow you to attach a custom sign when you’re on-duty and easily remove it when the car is needed for personal use.

Any one of these options will drastically increase your chances of being seen by potential customers, especially if you use your vehicle for frequent business trips or for providing remote-based services in your line of work.

Vehicle Advertising: Introduce Your Business to the World

“In every business…there’s three parts to it,” says Frank AuCoin, founder of Sign It Quick. “There’s a before, a during, and an after.”

The “before” is the beginning of your story with the customer. This is the basic introduction: you’re announcing your business to the world simply by giving your name and showing what you do through the creative use of a logo and slogan.

“If people do know about you, they come in and buy your product or service, and then they leave,” said AuCoin. “So you can never stop telling the story of what you’re doing.” The world’s largest brands continue to tell their own stories.

Using vehicle wraps and vehicle graphics can be a great way to continually tell people your story. Vehicle marketing can show that you’re open for business, that you’re active and ready to take their phone call. As long as your vehicle is on the road and serves as your business’s sign, you’re telling 17 to 20 million people per year: “we are open for business.” Think of it as an “Open” sign, like the sign on your door—only this sign gets seen by millions every single year.

Request a quote from Sign It Quick on your vehicle wraps and vehicle graphics today!


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